Benjamin Recovers From Injury

Keith Benjamin, a 6-2 guard from Mount Vernon High School in New York, sustained a nasty ankle injury this afternoon in a pool game at the NIKE Super Showcase held in Orlando, Florida. Benjamin had recently committed to the Villanova basketball program after receiving several high offers. One member of the Villanova staff was on hand as Benjamin twisted his right ankle.
“I went one way and my ankle went the other,” said Benjamin after the game. “That’s all I know. I was trying to come out of a pack of players.”
Benjamin first laid on the floor for a couple of minutes. He was then lifted up by two teammates and put back on the floor next to his bench where a trainer came by to take a first look. Benjamin, for several minutes, held his hands to his face as the trainer surveyed the ankle. “It really hurts now,” Benjamin said. “I can’t walk on it.”
However, Benjamin did recover enough last night to play in Riverside's 10 PM game. He hobbled a little bit around the court but his ankle was stable enough to be active.