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Beasley shines on biggest stage

Rivals.com is the only recruiting service that lists Michael Beasley as the No. 1 basketball prospect in the Class of 2007.
Rivals.com national recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer was in Louisville for the 30th McDonald's All-American Game and the practice sessions leading up to the event.
Beasley's performance in the McDonald's All-American Game backed up our faith in the Kansas State recruit.
The 6-foot-9 forward collected 23 points and 12 rebounds to earn MVP honors after leading the West team to a 114-112 victory.
Rivals.com moved Beasley to the No. 1 spot in its class ratings last August. Beasley's performance Wednesday guaranteed he will remain in the top position when the final Rivals150 list comes out next month.
"We've always felt great about Michael Beasley being No. 1 coming out of the summer because we knew he was the most talented player on the circuit," said Jerry Meyer, a national recruiting analyst for Rivals.com. "People have criticized Beasley because they don't feel like he consistently produces, but we understand that players go through a development process. We're dealing with young prospects here.
"At the end of the day, we were certain he was the best. His performance (Wednesday) solidified for the country what we've known about him since the summer."
Shooting guard Eric Gordon cemented his status as the No. 2 prospect and point guard Derrick Rose locked up the No. 3 spot with their performances Wednesday. The rest of the top six remains subject to change.
"We're certain there won't be any movement in the top three," Meyer said. "We try to project how good these prospects are coming out of the summer and before their senior seasons. It's a balance between how good they are at the time and what kind of players we think they can be in the future.
"One reason we feel like we're doing so well ranking players right now is we have a strong team effort that goes into our player evaluation. Tim Watts, Mark Reeves, Justin Young and I work very well together and approach the rankings with a team effort."
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