Bass Deciding On Next Two Trips

Louisiana's top prospect, Brandon Bass from Capital High School in Baton Rouge, has taken three of his official visits and is currently trying to decide which two of his remaining favorites will receive his last visits.
"Right now it looks it's between Connecticut, Cincinnati and Kentucky for the last two spots," he said. "I'm having a little difficulty in deciding who it will be. It's a tough decision but I'm not really in a rush. I still haven't decided if I want to sign in the early period or not."
Bass, who is rated a four-star prospect and the 23rd best player in America by, has already taken three of his official visits this year and he had good things to say about each school.
"The Miami campus was beautiful. Everything in the city is really cool. Also there is a chance for early playing time."
"USC campus was really nice I liked California a lot. I also like their style of basketball it fits me well and the Pac-10 is a good conference."
"I'm only 10 minutes from the LSU campus so I pretty much grew up right around the corner. I'm very familiar with everything about LSU."
Bass, 6-foot-8, 235-pounds, indicated that he was enjoying the recruiting process but was more concerned with his upcoming season and ACT score.
"I'm ready for my senior year. It's my last chance to show my stuff and I want to enjoy it," Bass continued. "But at the same time I've got to handle my business in the classroom. I took the ACT a little while back but I have not got my score back yet. Once that's behind me it will be a weight off of my shoulders."
Last season Bass averaged 18 points, 13 rebounds, eight blocks and three assists per contest.