BABC Invitational All Tournament Team

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- After yesterday's heart-stopping 116-115 BABC Invitational final on the campus of Boston University, it was going to be obvious that the all tournament team would be filled from the teams that landed in the final.
The New York Ravens and BABC did fill the all tournament team as expected after yesterday's terrific final game in which the team from the Bronx grabbed the championship game.
Here is the list with their accomplishments:
Allan Ray, New York Ravens: Scored 38 points in the final, including the final two on a driving layup with 20.9 seconds remaining in the game.
There was no most valuable player announced for the tournament but in yesterday's game, Ray was the man. Ray delivered from a variety of angles on the perimeter. He is also finishing strong on his drives, a great improvement from a year ago.
Curtis Stintson, New York Ravens: Scored 22 points in the final. Stintson helped the Ravens erase an early 37-20 deficit with mostly drives to the basket.
Francisco Garcia, New York Ravens: One of the most talented players in the class of 2002 and a fun player to watch. Wears his emotions sometimes a little too obvious for referees to endure.
However, Garcia had a solid game in the final. He scored 16 points and many of them difficult shots from the perimeter. Always plays hard. And he hates losing.
Torin Francis, BABC: What can you say about him that we have not already published on this site today? One of the top ten players in the country. Does it all offensively. He may not shoot the three but he shouldn't be. When you have his size and skills in the low post, use them! He did yesterday. Francis scored 41 points in a losing effort.
Steve Hailey, BABC: Oh, is Mo Cassara going to be happy when Hailey returns for Worcester Academy this season. Imagine Hailey and Jarrett Jack in the same backcourt. Add in Wes Wardrop and you have a dynamite three guard offense.
Hailey was special yesterday. A little streaky with his shot but much improved over a year ago. Hailey is just a rising junior. He scored 21 points in the final.