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Australian four-star Epperson turning heads

Jacob Epperson (

LA PORTE, Ind. -- There's been a recent influx of Australian talent in the United States and four-star power forward Jacob Epperson looks to be the next in line from down under.

A native of Melbourne, the 6-foot-11 post turned heads during the July live periods playing with AUSA Hoops. In order to build on the momentum, he decided to stay and attend La Porte (Ind.) La Lumiere for his senior year.

So far, the transition has been relatively smooth.

"I have family here so that's helped a lot with getting everything sorted," Epperson told "The hardest part is probably transitioning to the school environment and trying to fit into that.

"Basketball-wise, everybody out here is athletic as hell and quick. So it's tough to try and match the athletic and quickness side. Back home, everybody was skilled and more physical and that's what was tough for me there, I'd get pushed around a bit."

Though Epperson only weighs 200 pounds, he doesn't get pushed around easily. He fights back and wields a high level of skill that helps him to overcome any lack of strength.

So far, Epperson has drawn offers from West Virginia, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Utah, Cincinnati and others, but he mentioned that the efforts of Marquette, Purdue and Texas have stood out so far.

But, he also recognizes that he needs to learn about the programs he has only seen on television before moving to the States.

"I was watching it but I never really looked into the schools. Now I'm going to have to start doing that."

Epperson also knows he can fall back on advice from his father, Ken Epperson. The elder Epperson is the all-time leading scorer and rebounder at Toledo (who has offered Jacob).

"He told me to take my time with it. He said he didn't get as much attention as I have because they didn't have social media and all of that. He just wants me to do it on my time and try to cram it in and talk to everyone."

Fresh on the scene and new to the twists and turns of recruiting, Epperson is in no rush to decide and he'll use the winter to sort things out and adjust to all of the attention that has come his way.

"I'm definitely going to need until the spring to decide. I just got all of this interest two or three months ago and I don't want to decide too early. It's a lot to take in during such a short period of time."