Augustin starts AAU season, schools watching

Four schools will recruit tooth and nail for point guard D.J. Augustin. The 5-foot-11, 160-pound floor general from New Orleans' Brother Martin High School is one of the best floor generals in the country. His final four suitors have all turned up their efforts in April in hopes to make the right impression on the five-star prospect from the Bayou State. caught up with Augustin and got the latest goings on in his busy recruitment.
Unlike the rest of the top point guards in the country (Tywon Lawson, Sherron Collins, Mike Conley, etc.), Augustin got a late start on the AAU circuit. The New Orleans Jazz, his AAU club, usually does. The Kingwood Classic provided him the opportunity to not only start his final go round on the traveling circuit but it offered him a chance to play in front of the schools recruiting him.
Augustin, a strong scoring point guard, does an equally fine job of setting up the offense. He showed that with his crisp passing and patience on the offense. Not bad for a guy that is still getting used to his teammates.
"I was really tired. I haven't really played since the state championship game," Augustin said. "It was fun. We're still gelling but it was fun just getting out there and playing with these guys. It was our first time really playing together. It was fun."
"I'm the point guard. I've got to get everybody involved. That's what I do. I'm still trying to find out who I have around me. I like playing with Jejuan Brown. He's going to be really good for us. "I'm just trying to prepare myself for the next level. That's what it's all about this summer."
The summer has started in early in terms of recruiting for the point guard. Roy Williams came by his school before the Kingwood to see him at Brother Martin. So did Texas's Rick Barnes. Augustin said he'll likely take an unofficial to UNC during the Tournament of Champions. A trip to Austin is tentatively scheduled some time in June, he said.
Wake Forest is in Louisiana on Thursday to see Augustin. LSU is "so close I can go by any time. I see them all the time. I know they will always be there," Augustin said of his home state school. All four teams saw a lot of the point guard at the Kingwood.
It's no secret that the best players in the Bayou State rarely get away from John Brady and company. Ask Bass. Ask Big Baby Glen Davis. Ask Tasmin Mitchell. You get the picture. In fact, Bass, a former New Orleans Jazz superstar, was on the bench at the Kingwood with the team.
The Kingwood also allowed Augustin to show his stuff in terms of being one of the elite floor generals in the country. For him, though, that's a conversation for others. Not him.
"I don't really worry about that kind of stuff. I just go out and play hard," Augustin said. "If I'm number one, I'm number one. If I'm number 108, then I'm number 108. It doesn't matter to me. I just want to play my game."