Augustin names top four

There is a great debate on who is the best point guard in the class of 2006. Three candidates have emerged in Tywon Lawson, Mike Conley and D.J. Augustin. ranked Augustin, a 5-foot-11, 160-pound prospect from Brother Martin High School in New Orleans, La., as the top floor general after the summer in 2004. It's a battle worth watching this year. And at least four high-major programs will be watching Augustin closely, too.
Depending on who you talk to, Augustin is one of the elite lead guards in the nation. As the current number one floor general in the country and the 14 overall ranked player in the class of 2006, Augustin knew he'd have to earn his keep this year.
For his Brother Martin (33-2) team, it hasn't been an easy task though. Playing every other night, Augustin is enjoying a couple of extra days off before they dive into the playoffs on Thursday. He's going through a point guard boot camp. Teams are throwing box and ones, double and triple teams and an all out assault to slow him down.
"I knew people were going to come at me hard this year because they started to at the end of last year," Augustin said. "I do what I can with the ball. I'm trying to get through the double teams and just get everyone involved. I know my assists are up because I'm having to pass out more. I think I'm a better player because of it."
High major coaches are watching him develop into a better player, too. Augustin said Roy Williams of North Carolina, Skip Prosser of Wake Forest, John Brady and Butch Pierre of LSU and Texas assistant Russell Springman have all been out to watch him play this season. Miami, Oklahoma and UCLA have as well.
"There's been a lot. It's been kind of crazy," Augustin said. "I've been getting a lot of mail. Everyday there is something new."
Augustin said his current top four schools are UNC, Wake Forest, LSU and Texas.
"I like their coaching staffs and their style of play," Augustin said. "All of the schools that I like are in good conferences and the style that they all play seems to fit me the best."
Now whether or not he's the best of the best in terms of point guards, the humble Augustin said it isn't something he worries about too much.
"I think I'm pretty high up there," Augustin said as modestly as he could. "I do a lot for my summer team at the tournaments because I always have the ball in my hands. I see the floor well. I can shoot off of the dribble. I try to do a little bit of everything."