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Auburn, UConn after pair of UMass transfers

Brison Gresham (right)

EMERSON, Ga. – Rarely ever does a package deal in recruiting ever work itself out. On the transfer market, a package deal is nearly unheard of. This spring, that is all changing as DeJon Jarreau and Brison Gresham, two freshmen from Louisiana that decided to transfer out of UMass, have decided that they want to remain together and finish out their college playing careers elsewhere.

Gresham, a 6-foot-9 center, didn’t see a ton of playing time as a freshman, but he is a big man that can rebound the ball, finish around the basket and also protect the rim. His teammate and good friend, Jarreau, is one of the top transfers this spring as the 6-foot-5 guard can play all three spots on the perimeter and is coming off an excellent freshman campaign averaging nearly 10 points, five assists and four rebounds per game.

Jarreau, the 38th ranked prospect in the 2016 class, spoke on the duo’s final list of schools that remain in contention. “Right now we are thinking about Creighton, UConn, Seton Hall. And Auburn just came in and started to talking to us,” he said.

Jarreau broke down the four schools in the mix.

Auburn: “It is the SEC. They told me that their point guard would be gone by next year so when I come in it is going to be basically me to run the show. I like it. I haven’t visited yet but we are talking to Coach Bruce Pearl and it sounds nice.”

Creighton: “They have a lot of shooters around. I could go in, penetrate and kick out for the 3. Also, the facilities; the practice gym is nice and the coaches have been recruiting us before we went to UMass, so we have a great relationship with them; they were in our last three the first time around. It is a lot to like about Creighton and they had a good year. If they hadn’t lost their point guard, they would have gone much farther in the tournament.”

UConn: “I know how they let you rock out and play your game as long as you play defense. I know they did a good job with Jalen Adams throughout his past year so it looks like they do a good job with point guards. I have been talking to Kevin Ollie. They are real cool.”

Seton Hall: “They have a good, young team. They let their guys rock, too, and let their guys play. I have no problem with that. I haven’t visited Seton Hall yet and I don’t really know much about them since they just started talking to us, but it does sound like a good situation.”


Down to a final four, Jarreau sounds ready to get their second recruitment process over with.

“We are going to set up some visits next week but we do want to get it done and over with as soon as possible,” he said.


Jarreau is the type of ultra-versatile guard that can do a litany of things in the backcourt and, by using the upcoming season as a redshirt year and putting on the proper weight, could turn into an NBA prospect overnight. Gresham will join him and by advancing his own offensive skillset, the Louisiana native could become an excellent two-way producer around the basket. Together, Creighton, UConn, Seton Hall and Auburn each could really use the talented duo as a commitment is likely to occur by the end of May.