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Atlanta Future150 recap

The 2nd annual Future150 National Camp saw over 170 campers compete over two days in Atlanta, GA. Most of the campers were selected from Regional camps held in Houston, Birmingham, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Nashville. The players, courtesy of CES of Atlanta, participated in combine type testing with speed, agility, vertical leap and wing span results. The competition was fierce and culminated in the Top 20 and 40 All-Star games. Here are some of the players that participated in the games.
DeVonta Pollard-(2012-Kemper County, MS) the 6-foot-8 inch CF - The long lefty is trying to transition to the wing and is seeing success in the process. Pollard shot the ball well from the perimeter, ran the floor and even displayed a one dribble pull-up from 17 feet. The biggest adjustment will be on the defensive end, where he has to guard the position. Pollard tweaked his ankle prior to the top 20 game but he showed he was one of the top players at the camp.
Gavin Ware-(2012 -Starkville H.S., MS) the 6-foot-8 inch PF - The bruising wide body displayed a good touch from the elbow areas. Ware runs the floor well and is a guard's best friend with his sticky mitts. He has progressed well over the past two years and added work on conditioning will only improve his production.
Charles Mitchell-(2012 -Wheeler H.S., GA) the 6-foot-8 Inch PF - The other half of the bruise brothers loves to play with contact. Mitchell saw a lot of double teams on the weekend and on quite a few occasions he was able to power through and finish. He is at his best when making quick moves before the help arrives. He showed a very effective baseline jumper to go along with a vast improvement in his overall body due to his offseason workout program.
Austin Nichols-(2013-Briarcrest Christian, TN) the 6-foot-8 inch combo forward is a lanky face-up forward has good skills around the basket. He is very comfortable with either hand when finishing plays. When not going to the jump hook, Nichols can step out and knock down the jump shot. He also does a great job of beating is man down the floor for easy baskets. The weight room will help elevate this young big.
Tevin Glass-(2012-Meadowcreek H.S., GA) 6-foot-8 inch SF - Helped himself as much as anyone at the camp. He runs the floor well, an excellent second effort guy on the offensive glass and a good shooter out to 17 feet. He is not afraid to mix it up even with his slight frame. With added strength, this will allow him to finish more plays around the basket.
Joshua Richardson-(2011-Edmond Santa Fe, OK) the 6-foot-5 inch SG- The bouncy wing excels in transition and uses his bounce to finish plays at the rim. He has shown vast improvement in his ball handling skills and proved he can attack with either hand. When not attacking the basket, Richardson hit shots from the perimeter with his improved jumper. Not to leave anything half done, he was one of the best defenders in the camp.
Daryl Milburn-(2012, McKinnley H.S., LA) the 6-foot-3 inch SG has a motor and toughness that are big assets for him. Add in his ability as a shot maker and you have a kid that got buckets almost on demand. Milburn has range beyond the arc but is equally effective attacking the basket and using his athleticism and strength to finish while taking contact. He loves to compete.
Yonel Brown-(2012-Berkmar H.S., GA) the 5-foot-8 inch PG - What Brown lacks in height he makes up for in craftiness and a deft use of the change of pace dribble. He has a good understanding of how to run a team while scoring when necessary. Brown's jumper has shown vast improvement which allows him to use that extra gear to get into the lane.
Devin McNeal-(2011, Central Park Christian, AL) the 6-foot PG - A pass first point guard, McNeal sees the floor well and delivers the ball to the right spot for easy baskets. He uses his stocky build to keep opposing point guards out the lane and is not afraid to rebound with the big boys. He showed that he can knock down the 3-point shot with regularity.
Ronquis Lewis-(2011, Putnam City H.S., OK) the 6-foot-6 inch WF - When not attacking the basket, Lewis keeps the defense honest with his ability to make the jumper. He loves to get out on the break and uses his length and athleticism on the defensive end to block shots. He rebound's the ball extremely well on the offensive glass. Lewis also has the size and quickness to guard multiple positions.
Anthony Anderson-(2011-West Boca Raton, FL) the 6-foot-5 inch CG - He has a solid frame with good passing ability. He does a good job at getting to the mid-range for his pull-up jumper. He rebounds well from the wing. He has the size to quickness to guard multiple positions on the floor.
Montay Brandon-(2012, Wesleyan Christian, NC) the 6-foot-6 inch PG - His size gives him a distinct advantage to see over smaller pg's. Brandon has size, length and athleticism to be a high level prospect. What he has to add is a few more horsepower's to his motor. When he plays with a high sense of urgency, its apparent in a few high level plays on the weekend, Brandon can be tough to deal with.
Junior Lomomba-(2012-James Madison Memorial, WI) the 6-foot-5 inch WG is a smooth guard with good knack for getting into the lane and scoring in traffic. He does a good job of rebounding on the defensive end and starting the break. Lomomba is very good on the ball defender.
James Woodard-(2012-Edmond Memorial, OK) the 6-foot-2 inch PG is a heady guard with creative handles. Likes to create for his teammates but can also get his own offense with drives to the basket or from three point line. He rebounds well on both ends of the floor.
Craig Bradshaw-(2012-CPA, TN) the 6-foot-2 inch CG was one of the more athletic players who loves to get out on the break. He showed really good ball handling skills and the ability to score on all three levels. Bradshaw always seemed to make hustle plays on both ends.
Cameron Golden-(2012-Ridgeway H.S., TN) the 6-foot PG is a quick trigger lefty shooter who doesn't need much room to get his shot off. Because of his long arms and athleticism he can finish among the big boy's. As he focuses more on the defensive end it will make him a more well rounded player.
Jaquez Motley-(2011-Faith Baptist Christian, GA) 6-foot PG - After a disappointing summer Motley has improved very well the few times we have seen him in the camp setting. He made open jumpers and used his quickness to beat his man to the lane for the floater.
Lorenza Ross-(2011, GA) the 6-foot-2 inch PG - A camp surprise, the athletic lefty creates for his teammates and can get to the basket for buckets. He has a solid stroke but needs extra reps to consistently hit the jumper. One of the top unsigned pg's left in the class.
John Ross Glover-(2012-University School Jackson, TN) the 6-foot-4 inch WG - The power guard raised quite a few eyebrow's with his athletic plays at the rim. One of the best offensive rebounders at the camp, Ross uses his strong frame to finish with heavy contact. Playing hard is part of his package. Consistently making perimeter shots and increasing his lateral movement is his next step.
Gervaughn McGee-(2012-Redemptorist H.S., LA) the 6-foot-4 inch SG is more of a slasher than shooter at this point, McGee is solid on both ends as a jack of all trades type of player. He rebounds well and finishes well in the open floor. He has a solid floor game.
Chris Jones-(2012-Briarcrest Christian, TN) the 6-foot-1 inch CG showed an improved jumper and ball handling skills. Jones was one of the best performers at the camp. He had a terrific all-star game attacking the basket, finishing tough plays and knocking down the triple. Hard to find tough defenders in the camp setting but he was definitely one of them.
Demarc Richardson-(2012-Briarcrest Christian, TN) the 6-foot-1 inch SG is always one to play hard and tough, Richardson did not disappoint. The thing he hangs his hat on right now is his defensive ability. He is good on the ball and as well as getting into the passing lanes for steals and easy fast break points. Continued work on his jumper and ball handling will serve him well.
Markel Crawford-(2013-Melrose H.S., TN) the 6-foot-3 inch SG has good ability to create for his teammates. His jumper is a work in progress. He competed well when games got tough. Crawford proved the can finish on the break with ease.
Top 40 All-Star Game Notables:
Michael Hall-(2012-Woodward Academy, GA) the 6-foot-10 inch C/PF he is good passing big man. He needs to add strength but is showing improvement in his overall game.
Kordario Fleming-(2012-Ridgeway H.S., TN) the 6-foot-6 inch F brings his lunch pail to every game. He doesn't ever seem to take plays off on either end. He rebound's the ball well and finishes through contact when attacking the rim.
Jaquel Richmond-(2014-Wesleyan Christian, NC) the 6-foot-1 inch PG is a very good looking prospect with bounce and grittiness. He does a good job getting in the lane.
Tony Bagtas-(2013-Westlake H.S., GA) the 5-foot-8 inch PG did a good job of running his team and making the right plays. He has good ball handling skills and is a good shooter.
Desmond Ringer-(2013-Eagles Landing H.S., GA) the 6-foot-9 inch PF/C - Has good footwork for a young big. He can step out and hit 15 foot jump shot. He is an excellent rebounder.
Aaron Scott-(2013-Faith Baptist Christian, GA) the 6-foot-3 inch WG is a very good athlete with a good stroke from the 3-point line to match. He had some of the most impressive high flying dunks in the camp.
J.J. Frazier-(2013-Faith Baptist Christian, GA) the 5-foot-7 inch PG is a crafty lefty point guard with good quickness and speed. He can get into the lane for the kick out or the pull-up.
Sam Stix-(2011-Holt H.S., MO) the 6-foot-7 inch WF is a lanky wing who has a good stroke. He gets out on the break and is not afraid to mix it up. He rebound's the ball well on both ends.
Evan Forhetz-(2011-Ravenswood H.S., TN) the 5-foot-10 inch PG is a heady player with good shooting ability. He handles the ball well and is a nice on ball defender.
Jordan Woodard-(2013-Edmond Memorial H.S., OK) the 6-foot PG is a creative playmaker with good breakdown skills. He see the floor well in both the transition and the half court.
Torlorf Thomas-(2013-Robert E Lee H.S., AL) the 6-foot-3 inch PG showed good court vision and an improved mid range game. He handles the ball well and seemed to make all the right passes.
Trae Anderson-(2011-Hazelwood Central, MO) the 6-foot-3 inch SF is a strong physical wing with a good nose for the ball. He is a high energy guy that loves to attack the basket.