Artie Bowers Having Great Junior Year

Artie Bowers, a 6-4, 190 pound shooting guard from St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, N.J., has enjoyed a terrific junior campaign for the Gray Bees.
Bowers scored 15 points to help St. Benedict's earn a 66-55 victory over Germantown Academy at the Lehigh Valley Hoop Festival.
Bowers' overall offensive game has improved since he transferred from Hodgson Vo-Tech in Delaware to St. Benedict's. He's not just a player who scored cheapies in transition anymore.
Bowers has terrific body control and has always been a good finisher at the basket, but he has also made marked improvement in his shooting. He can consistently hit the short-mid range pull up jumper, and his three point stroke is steadily improving.
St. Benedict's Head Coach Danny Hurley said that Maryland, Villanova and Seton Hall are very strong early with Bowers.
Bowers will once again play for the T5T Playaz program this spring and summer, and the Insiders Report/ will keep you informed on his play and recruitment.