Arcidiacono explodes on national radar

His last name is hard to spell, and even harder to pronounce, but college coaches all across the East Coast and the country are going to have to learn it in a hurry. Class of 2012 point guard Ryan Arcidiacono was the breakout star at the Tournament of Champions, and things are on the verge of exploding for him.
All weekend long Arcidiacono was a star for the Pennsylvania Playaz. The 6-foot-4 floor general from Neshaminy High School in Langhorne (Penn.), finished the tournament averaging 31.8 points per game which was tops at the 16-and under level.
"This high school season ended in the sweet 16," said Arcidiacono about how things have gone since the end of the season. "Since then I have been working on my game and just trying to play well in the big tournaments. I have just tried to show my stuff and get my team to championships."

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Making his performance even more impressive is the fact that he did it while injured. Arcidiacono got injured in the first game but gutted it out to help his team.
"I got hurt in the first game. I got eight stitches, so I didn't think I would be allowed to play," Arcidiacono explained. "My coach told me to sit out, but I called my dad and he let me play. I thought I would blow up a little bit, but I just tried to play hard and play my best every time out."
When it comes to recruiting, things are just beginning to heat up for Arcidiacono. He wasn't a complete unknown coming into the event, but still he wasn't garnering the attention that a player of his caliber would usually have.
"I have offers from St. Joe's, Rutgers, and Rice," said Arcidiacono. "I am also being recruited by Wake Forest, Syracuse, Penn State, and Temple."
In terms of visits, Arcidiacono has seen three different schools, and he is hoping to see more before it is all said and done.
"I have been to Penn State," he explained. "I also made it to a couple of St. Joe's games and a Temple game. I am just trying to get out to some other schools to see campuses and get a feel for what they are like."
Though Arcidiacono has no intentions of making a quick decision, the 2012 prospect was very succinct when asked what he will be looking for in a school.
"I am looking for a good academic school and a good team," said Arcidiacono.
Look for Arcidiacono to be one of the highest rated point guards when the 2012 rankings are released, and someone who garners coast to coast attention from the top college programs.