Appleby is Florida Bound

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Ryan Appleby, a 6-2 point guard from Stanwood H.S. in Washington, has orally committed to the Florida Gators basketball program. confirmed this with information on Monday at the adidas Big Time Tournament with Jasen Baskett, who is Appleby's travel team coach with the Emerald City Pioneers.
"He really likes Billy Donovan and the coaches, the players and he felt at home," Baskett said. "He wants to play at a high level and in a system that allows him to push and run -- those were the three big things and Florida met all three of those demands."
While rumors of an Appleby press conference swirled this past weekend, Baskett said that nothing has been officially announced to the media. But like many intense rumors, it has made its way around in basketball circles.
"We are going to do something after we get back from our trips," Baskett said. "It's official between Florida and him, but we haven't got the word out yet."
After the Big Time Tournament,'s number 36 player in the class of 2003 will finish up the summer with Emerald City at the Best of the Summer Tournament in Los Angeles. Sometime after that event, Baskett expects Appleby to make a formal announcement.
"The way Ryan is, when there is a tournament going on, that is all he focuses on," Baskett said. "He doesn't even think about that stuff, and then after we get back, he will make it known."
Appleby did not make himself available for comment following Emerald City's tough loss on Monday morning to the New Orleans Jazz at the Big Time. Appleby scored 12 points in the Pioneers' 68-62 loss to New Orleans.