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Anderson ready to decide

James Anderson had originally planned to take official visits to Arkansas, Kansas, Florida and Oklahoma State before making a final decision about his future. However, the Kentucky Wildcats are making a late push for the No. 34 ranked player in the class of 2007. Will a fifth and final visit take place, or is Anderson ready to put an end to his recruitment?
"Yes, James did take a visit to Oklahoma State this past weekend," said Junction City head coach Joe Hammett. "I believe that James had a good time and really enjoyed the visit. I spoke to James after his visit and he told me that he had a great time with the players and coaches.
"Going to Oklahoma State was a great experience for James," he added. "All I can really saw is that he had a good time and enjoyed spending time with the players and coaches."
There was a time when Anderson, the 6-foot-5, 190-pound small forward from Junction City (AR) High School was planning to pick a school shortly after his fourth official visit was complete.
However, there is a chance the four-star prospect might have to wait a little bit longer than he originally expected.
The Kentucky Wildcats are making a strong push to get the No. 10 ranked small forward in the class on campus for an official visit.
Anderson will decide if a fifth visit will take place towards the end of the week.
"Kentucky is making a strong push for James," said Hammett. "They want him on campus for an official visit, but he hasn't made a decision about that yet. He could visit Kentucky during the first weekend in November, but James just doesn't know if he wants to do that yet.
"Right now, James just wants to make sure that he makes the best decision for himself," he added. "He realizes that some great schools have been recruiting him for a long time, so he just needs to decide if another visit is the best decision to make. James should know about that towards the end of the week. He just needs to do something thinking at look at the other four schools on his list."
There is absolutely no question that Anderson has a difficult decision to make. With the start of the early signing fast approaching, player and coach know that he is running out of time.
With coaches stopping by the gym and a possible fifth visit on the horizon, this is a hectic time for Anderson.
"James and I have talked about the four official visits and we've talked about the upcoming season," he said. "We talk about a lot of things when we're together, but I do believe that James has done an outstanding job handling the situation. When the time comes, James is going to have a difficult decision to make.
"Coaches from Kansas and Arkansas were in the gym last week to watch James practice," he added. "They weren't allowed to talk, but they were here to watch him in the gym."
James Anderson Scouting Report: "A bouncy and wiry wing player, Anderson impacts the game in a number of ways. He is outstanding filling the lanes in transition and is a great offensive rebounder. As a multiposition defender, he has a knack for coming up with big steals. Fairly skilled with the ball as a shooter, handler and passer, Anderson just needs to continue refining those skills. Added strength will help him finish the difficult shots he is capable of creating." - Jerry Meyer of