Anderson dominates first day of Peach Jam

On the first day of the Peach Jam, there simply wasn't a more productive player than Kyle Anderson. As it turns out, Anderson is often a guy whose value and college potential seems to be something that produces varying opinions.
Watching the 6-foot-8 point guard - and make no mistake about it, that is the role he plays for the Playaz Basketball Club - on Tuesday, it's difficult to think of another player in the country impacting the game in as many categories as Anderson does.
Passing, rebounding, sharing the ball, he does it all and is a legitimate triple-double threat. In fact, he got one in the evening session and finished his two games with a total of 39 points, 25 rebounds and 18 assists.
"We just want to do better this year than the last two years down here," Anderson told "We want to win this thing but we understand that we have to take it one game at a time."
Because of his size, advanced basketball IQ and knack for making plays, Anderson stood out as maybe the most unique guy in the gym. Still, he was pretty modest about his play.
"I think I played well," said Anderson. "I got my guys on track, I scored a little bit and the biggest thing was that I rebounded the ball."
On the school front, Anderson is down to a final five of UCLA, Georgetown, Florida, Seton Hall and St. John's. Coaches from all five of those schools, including four head coaches, watched him in action Tuesday. He's been to each campus but Florida and said that he'd visit the Gators in September.
As for his final decision, he doesn't expect it to drag out and will make it based on some basic criteria.
"A good support system is going to be important," said Anderson. "A good history with the coach and what he's done, and a good supporting cast with the team around me are things that I'll be looking at."