Alleyne Improves Physically

While discussing the recruiting process of his son last night with Russell Robinson, Sr., it was revealed how much physically improved Kentucky freshman Shagari Alleyne is. Robinson, Sr. pointed out that it was important that his son go to a place that has great facilities.
"Look at what Kentucky did for Shagari Alleyne," Mr. Robinson said. "He looks like a different person after he came back from Kentucky."
Alleyne was on break to see friends. Alleyne, a 7-foot-3 center who possessed a thin frame, had been working hard at Kentucky using its weight room and listening to the "weight experts" in Lexington, Kentucky. Alleyne, who attended Rice High School last year and played with Russell Robinson, is considered by some a "project."
"It was amazing to see him after he came back from Kentucky," Mr. Robinson said. "He must have added thirty (30) pounds to his body. That was pretty impressive."
Alleyne is a player who has long arms and long legs. If he continues to add weight to his frame, Alleyne will eventually be a major impact player for Kentucky. He developed a baby hook shot during his junior year.
Mr. Robinson's son, Russell, is planning on visiting Kentucky on October 17th. Russell also is planning on visiting Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Florida, State, and Kansas.