Alexander Johnson QA

At the recent NEPSAC event, Bridgton Academy's Alexander Johnson sat down with for a detailed Q&A session.
The 6-9, 235 pound power forward told that he had pared his list to six schools -- Indiana, Georgia, Cincinnati, Florida, Kentucky and Mississippi State.
Keep in mind that this interview was conducted just 24 hours prior to the recent allegations surrounding the Georgia Bulldog men's basketball program, so that subject is not covered.
Johnson signed with Georgia as a high school senior last year in Albany, Ga. He did not sign with the Bulldogs this past fall, instead opting to explore other possibilities.
Here is our Q&A with Johnson, conducted on Wednesday evening, Feb. 26. Can you talk about Indiana's recruitment of you so far?
Alexander Johnson: I like their style of play. Mike Davis lets his big guys step out. That's how I like to play. Push the ball up the floor. That's one of the biggest things. The only problem I have with Indiana is that it's not down south, but I can live with it.
RH: Has Coach Davis been in to see you yet?
AJ: No. I know their assistant has been up to see me.
RH: One of the things you mentioned in a previous interview is that you liked the freedom that Jared Jeffries had when he was at IU.
AJ: Yep. I liked how they used him.
RH:Can you talk a little about Cincinnati and Georgia. Those are two schools that were both on your list last year. You know a lot about both. Where do they stand on your list?
AJ: I like Georgia. It ain't that far from home. Coach Harrick is a good man. I like how he plays big guys. They don't really have any dominant big men, but I still like his style of coaching. I am not going to base my decision on liking the coach. I just like how the program is. It's close to home, I'm from Georgia, so that's one of the biggest things right there.
RH: How did Cincinnati get back into the picture?
AJ: Coach Keith Legree never gave up. That made me feel good on the inside. That showed me loyalty. And when I was coming up in the ninth and tenth grade, it was my dream to go to Cincinnati. But then things got shaky, and I started to dislike them. That was my dream. I liked how they played Kenyon Martin. And Bob Huggins can coach. He has been recruiting me since my 10th grade year. That means a lot to me. It's not like they just started recruiting me this year like a lot of the schools.
RH: There are three other SEC programs on your list -- Florida, Kentucky and Mississippi State. Can you talk about how they got involved and where they stand on your list?
AJ: I like how they are all doing right now. They're top schools. They are doing well this year. I just how they are playing.
RH: Kentucky and Florida have been in the top 10 for much of the year, while Mississippi State has been in the top 25.
AJ: The other thing about those schools is that they are all close to my house, they're not that far away. They're down south, and I like that part.
RH: What are some of the things that are going to shape your decision?
AJ: I don't even know. Only time will tell. That's all I can say.
RH: Do you think that the official visits will be important?
AJ: Sort of. That will play a part. How I feel when I go around. Plus the atmosphere, when I go and take the visits, whether or not I like it down there.
RH: Do you have a top two or three schools right now?
AJ: They are all in the same category right now.
RH: How are you looking at the NBA?
AJ: The NBA, sure, I would like to go. But I have bad ankles right now. I don't think I would be ready for the camps. I can't get up like I want to. Looking down the road, I've been watching some of the guys in the NBA and I know I can compete with some of those guys if I'm in my best shape and have healthy ankles.
RH: Even now?
AJ: Right now. A lot of it is politics and I don't really know anybody.
RH: What are some of the things that you think you can bring to a college program next year?
AJ: Rebounding and passing the ball. I am not really going to look to score. I can score. I can defend, rebound and pass. If it comes down to scoring, I know I can score. My main focus will be to run the floor, defend and pass.