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AJ Johnson's list of offers continues to grow

AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson

INDIANAPOLIS – AJ Johnson was one of the biggest stock risers at this weekend’s 3SSB circuit stop in Indiana. The Jalen Green Elite guard showed off dynamic playmaking ability, consistently got to his spots, shot it well from the outside and showcased some very athletic finishes when getting downhill.

Johnson, who is considered “little bro” to Jalen Green, made a huge statement that he needs to be ranked much higher in the next version of the Rivals150. The four-star guard spoke with Rivals about what schools are involved, who he’d like to hear from, his game and more.

Creighton just offered me," he said. "LSU is involved. Arkansas, USC, Texas Tech, and Arizona State, they’re all in the mix.”


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On Creighton: “The coach just offered me over a phone call on my way to the airport. He was at my games the last couple of days and he said he liked the way I played. I don’t really know that much about them yet, but I know they’re in an area without a lot of people, so they’re kind of like the NBA team of the city. They’re the only sport out there.”

On LSU: “The coach has texted me and said he’s going to recruit me really hard and that I guess this other coach was going to forget me. They said they’re going to recruit me and that they love watching me play.”

On Arkansas: “They’ve been texting me. They thought that I played really good. They’re also really close friends with my coach.”

On USC: “They’ve been texting me and asking me about my games and stuff like that. They’re just building a relationship. There hasn’t been an offer or anything like that.”

On Arizona State: “They offered me a month or two ago. I feel like they’re a really popular school and I like the way they play. They play kind of fast and they use their guards.”

On Texas Tech: “They’ve showed me a lot. I text them a lot. They’re trying to get me out there for a visit. They have a good relationship with a lot of people around me. I really like them a lot.”

On other schools that interest him:Kentucky for sure. When I was younger I really wanted to go there. Oregon as well, I really like Oregon. Louisville with Kenny Payne.”

On his own scouting report: “I compete, you know, I try to get the win. I make plays. I can get into the paint almost whenever I want. I pick up 94 feet. I’m just unselfish and I can score almost whenever. I try to model my game after Ja Morant a little bit with his leadership and stuff like that. I like how he runs it, but I add my own little wiggle to it a little bit. I play a little bit more free, like La’Melo Ball. Those two players, probably.”

On a decision timeline: “I want to wait until all of the live periods are over. I just want to get as many offers as I can, get as many options as possible. I’ll make my decision when I know exactly where I want to go. It might end up being around my senior year.”

On upcoming visits: “I’m planning on going to Texas Tech. Creighton wanted me to come and visit as well. Arizona State.”


Johnson also told Rivals that Gonzaga has started to reach out. By the time the live periods are over, he’ll have a lot more offers than he has now. Johnson projects as a top-35 player in the updated rankings and will have no shortage of schools from which to choose.

Johnson is currently 6-foot-5 and hasn’t stopped growing. His game and his frame project as an NBA prospect down the line.