adidas Phenom150 spotlight: Bill Edwards

There is an AAU team to keep an eye out for over the next two years. The Spiece Ohio Force has played well this year on the 15 and under circuit because of fundamental basketball and team play.
One of the players helping the team claim big wins is forward Bill Edwards. The 6-foot-5, 201-pound prospect from Middletown (Ohio) High School played well on his own at the adidas Phenom150 camp last week in San Diego but says a lot of his success is based on the success of his AAU team.
"We've been playing together since the fifth grade," says the class of 2009 prospect. "That has helped us a lot. We've bonded a long time ago. We've been together for so long, we just know what everyone can do. We know who can score and where they can score or who can rebound and things like that."
Edwards showed off good versatility in the post, rebounding strong as a four but then showing fluid athleticism and a good step back three point shot from the wing. A lot of his skills have been fine tuned with the help of his father, Bill, Sr., who starred at Wright State.
"He helps me a lot," Edwards said. "He pushes me and shows me the little things that I need to do to get better. He works out with me and just talk about basketball."
The elder Edwards returns to Germany in September. Before he leaves, there will certainly be plenty of mail to sort through for the family. Edwards, Jr. already has early interest from Xavier, Oklahoma State, Seton Hall and Providence.
He said he grew up watching Duke and Michigan State.
If Edwards can ride the momentum he gained at the adidas camp and with continued play with his AAU team, plenty more will come around early in the process.