Adams slowed by sickness in July

Anrio Adams played well at a number of spring tournaments and camps and the Seattle (Wash.) Franklin shooting guard continued to prove he was one of the top players in the 2012 class.
But Adams, a 6-foot-3, 183-pounder who plays AAU with Seattle Rotary, was slowed this summer in Las Vegas and Phoenix with tonsillitis so he didn't necessarily show his best stuff at some of the nation's biggest tournaments.
Not too many college coaches realize that Adams was sick, Seattle Rotary coach Daryl Hennings said, and Hennings doesn't want coaches to think Adams' play in July was a reflection of his talents.
"Rio played really, really well in the spring time but he got sick right before Vegas," Hennings said. "He got tonsillitis right before Vegas so he didn't play particularly well in Vegas or Phoenix. But he showed everybody what he could do at LeBron and he went to the Hoop Jamboree that Nike had and he played very well there.
"In the spring he really tore it up. He shot the ball well. He attacked well. He showed that he didn't have to be the main ingredient on a team. He can play second fiddle to some of our more premier guys at the time and play a role."
Adams didn't want to take time off though even with his sickness. After Seattle Rotary left for Las Vegas, Adams called Hennings and said he couldn't miss the tournament. Sick or not, Adams wanted to play and so even though he wasn't 100 percent made his way onto the court, even if he wasn't playing his best basketball.
"I don't think anyone knows that," Hennings said. "I shared that with some coaches that called me but Rio is not the whiner, baby-type. He had a 103-degree temperature the day we were leaving for Vegas so the doctor wouldn't allow him to fly but he called me the next afternoon and said he had to get there.
"I told him to wait two days so he missed that first day but he was there at 3 o'clock two days after we got there and he wanted to play that night. He's not a crybaby. He never dogs it but he did have some health issues. I was kind of bummed out for him because he was playing very well" lists Adams with offers from Arizona, Cal, Gonzaga, Kansas, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Texas, UCLA, USC, Washington and Washington State. He's rated as the seventh-best shooting guard and No. 39 in the 2012 class. Hennings said recruiting is going well but that Adams won't focus on it for a while.
"We get a lot of calls about him," Hennings said. "Right now, in all seriousness, it's the Pac-10, Louisville has been in talks, we got a couple calls from a couple Big 12 schools, a couple calls from some WAC schools but for the most part he's just entertaining offers right now and won't be too serious about anybody until next summer."