Acy looking to impress in April

Quincy Acy isn't looking at making big decisions in the near future regarding his college future. The 6-foot-7, 205-pound power forward from Horn High School in Mesquite, Texas is hoping to show off his overall improvements.
Acy's AAU coach Mitch Malone of the Texas Blue Chips program said he anticipates the four-star player to pick up where he has left off from the off-season training regiment he is currently on.
"I'm always going to have him in the gym with the older guys because what that will do is it will help him learn the rest of the nuances of the game," Malone said. "He'll learn about creating space, learning how to finish better against bigger, stronger guys and get ready for the college game. We've been real successful with that with our other guys in the past. He's going through a learning curve right now but for the most part, the older guys are like 'Oh my God. This kid is unbelievable for 17.'"
After a solid year at Horn, Acy will look for a new school to call home next season. He is off to prep school, Malone says, despite a number of opportunities this recruiting period.
"I've got a bunch of schools begging me to let him come to them next year but he still has a little bit of a ways to go before I let him step foot onto a college campus," Malone said. "I want him to come in as one of the top 10 to 12 freshmen in the country where he can come in and be that guy. We are trying to work on him coming in and be effective in one or two years and then go from there."
Malone says there has been a good amount of schools that are interested in Acy.
"We're open but Baylor probably leads over everybody. Then Arizona has done a good job. Florida has been okay. Nebraska has done a really good job. Georgetown, Kansas State, Ohio State, Iowa State, there has been a lot of schools that are looking. I've told most of the schools that there is no reason to put a full court press on him because he won't even start thinking about schools until a year from now," Malone said.
"[Baylor] has done a good job over the longest period and we know that there is an absolute need for him because there isn't anyone like him there. We know he'll go in and get minutes from day one and be an integral part in what they are trying to do."
When coaches get a chance to see Acy this month, Malone hopes the observing eyes will be pleased with what they see.
"When he does play in front of college coaches, I want him to look like a man amongst boys," Malone said. "Over the last year, he's getting more comfortable on the floor, looking better when he shoots a three and knows how to post hard. He's gotten a lot more comfortable at it all."
Acy and the rest of the Texas Blue Chip players will play in the Real Deal on the Hill in Arkansas and the Pearland Texas Classic in Houston during the evaluation period in April.