Abukar Wins Appeal

Mohamed Abukar, a skilled 6-9, 195 pound combination forward from Rancho Bernardo (CA) High School, received good news yesterday. Abukar, who has already sent out nine releases to schools interested in his skills, received word from the National Letter of Intent committee.
Abukar, who initially signed a letter of intent last Fall, was given his release by new head coach Dennis Felton of Georgia. Abukar had been recruited by the staff of Jim Harrick, who was forced out after an academic scandal.
Connecticut, Kentucky, UCLA, Florida, Notre Dame, Missouri, San Diego State, Washington, and Louisville were given a release to talk to Abukar. Other schools have also called to inquire about Abukar. They include Indiana, Georgia Tech, Gonzaga, and Oregon. There are likely to be more schools.
Abukar had only taken one official visit. So he has four to take and could also take some unofficial visits if he desires.
Abukar, a four-star player for, is ranked at number 28 among the class of 2003. Abukar chose the Bulldogs over the Kansas Jayhawks last summer. Other schools that had recruited this talented athlete last summer were Kentucky, Arizona, Oregon State and UCLA.
The National Letter of Intent Steering Committee gave Abukar his release from his NLI with the University of Georgia.
Abukar is now eligible to play for a college or university in 2003-2004. Abukar had received a qualified release from the University of Georgia on April 15th. The qualified release reduced the original two-year sit-out rule for NLI signees to one year. Abukar filed his appeal on April 16th.