ABCD Spotlight: Perry Stevenson

Life in Louisiana is laid back for Perry Stevenson. The 6-foot-9, 190-pound forward from Lafayette likes his easy come, easy go surroundings in the swamplands but coming to the ABCD camp, he's seeing a lot of things he doesn't see back home like big buildings and big guys like Greg Oden.
Stevenson made his first trip out to the Northeast last year for the ABCD camp and ever since he made a splash on the national scene, the long and limber big man has been eyeing a return trip to see the sights.
"There aren't too many of those where I come from," Stevenson said of the high-rise buildings across the way in the Big Apple. And there aren't too many 7-footers in Louisiana like Greg Oden, a player Stevenson matched up with during the camp.
"One of the biggest differences here at the camp are the big guys. You don't see guys like him back home. He's one of the toughest guys I've ever played against," Stevenson said of Oden. "He's one big dude. His coordination is so good. He makes a lot of noise. For me, I think I did okay. I enjoyed playing with him."
The match-up also provided the schools recruiting him to evaluate him against the best of the best. The big man isn't putting up earth shattering numbers but he's shooting nearly 80 percent from the floor after four games and showing that he isn't intimidated by anyone, not even Oden, on the defensive end of the floor.
Kentucky, Texas, Georgia Tech and LSU are still the heavy hitters, he said, but there are more schools starting to peek around. Stevenson said Connecticut and North Carolina have both inquired of late and said they would like to evaluate the four-star prospect during the ABCD camp.
In his laid-back demeanor, the soft-spoken Southern said no one is jumping into the lead spot right now.
"There are all in the same position with me right now," Stevenson said. "I'm not in a hurry to make a decision. In the fall, I'll take some visits."
The big man has two visits in the works for the fall, making trips to Kentucky and Georgia Tech. For now though, he's just taking it all in and enjoying his time in the big city.