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AAU Nationals- Thursday action

ORLANDO-Mercifully, the summer of 2010 is winding down to an end. At the AAU National Championships on the World Wide of Sports of campus, there are only 32 teams left standing in the 17 and under division. In the 16 and under division, BABC and All-Ohio Red will meet for a title battle on Friday. Among the days standouts were 2012's top player Andre Drummond and Kenny Kaminski who just so happens to have a big decision coming up on Saturday.
Thursday notables
Andre Drummond, C, CBC- The game comes awfully easy for Drummond. A 6-foot-10 insider with a massive frame and wingspan, he flat out dominates both ends of the floor whenever he chooses to do so. He's one of only a handful of high school players who can consistently go and rip rebounds with two hands above rim level, has soft touch and is a shot rejecting machine when tested. He's capable of some silly mistakes, but they are getting ironed out of his game and he's come a long way in the last year.
Kenny Kaminski, PF, Buckeye Ballers- Thanks to the strong play of Kaminski, the Ballers almost sprung an upset on the Carolina Ravens. A class of 2012 prospect who can wear out the nets from deep, he's perhaps been unfairly labeled as just a jump shooter. A strong kid, he will battle around the rim and he rebounds pretty well. He'll be announcing his college destination on Saturday and says the finalists are Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana, Florida and Wisconsin. If who was watching him is any indication of where he's leaning, Tom Izzo is the guy who has been tracking him most closely.
P.J. Hairston, SG, CP3 All-Stars- During June, Hairston was very effective at the NBPA camp despite looking a bit out of shape. He's always going to be a big and physical two guard, but he looks like he's focused on getting his body right and that combined with deep range, underrated explosiveness and improving handles have made him awfully tough to contain. Against Florida Elite, the future Tar Heel made it look really easy.
Demarcus Harrison, SG, Carolina Ravens- We've been hearing from coaches all month that Harrison has been playing strong and we saw it for ourselves on Thursday. A two guard with 6-foot-4 size, a solid frame and good athleticism, he's balanced his game out and is finding other ways to get the ball in the cup when his jumper isn't falling. That jumper, though, and his range remain his strengths.
Brice Johnson, PF, Carolina Ravens- A member of our top 100 for the class of 2012, the skinny 6-foot-10 post man has proved that he belongs. An effortless athlete who runs the floor with grace and moves like a wing, his quickness in the lane and off of the floor is impressive.
Dajuan Coleman, C, Albany City Rocks- He was sluggish at times as the City Rocks grinded out a triple overtime win over the Ocean Potion, but he also managed to stay on the floor for most of a very long game. His biggest asset are a massive set of mits that are as good as anybody in high school basketball's. He's an instinctive rebounder and scorer but is carrying too much weight.
Rod Days, PF, Broward Bobcats- Some view Days as a small forward, but he seems most effective as a quick, ball-handling four man who can catch, face and blow by defenders off the dribble. A good athlete with quick reactions around the rim, he's also capable of making some plays in transition.
Wayne Martin, PF, YOMCA- It was our first viewing of Martin in quite some time and he had a nice outing. A solid 6-foot-7 four man with good quickness and some bounce around the rim, he's pretty solid out to around 15 feet. He still needs some more muscle on his lean frame, but he looks like a guy that could be straddling that mid to high major fence.
Briante Weber, SG/PG, Boo Williams-Woods- A 2010 kid who is likely headed off to prep school, he flat out abused the Jackson Tigers on Thursday. No matter who the Tigers threw at him, they couldn't contain him off of the dribble. A natural scorer, he can also get others involved and looks to be a bit of a late-bloomer.
David Gardner, SF, 'Da House- A sturdy 6-foot-6 wing, Gardner is armed with one of the quickest triggers in the class of 2011. He's got deep range and also makes effective use of a killer two dribble pull-up going to his right or left. He can be an effortless scorer but has room to open up his game by attacking the rim and hitting the glass with more regularity.
School lists, coach sightings and notes
It's hard not to crack some smiles while watching the Carolina Ravens Fred Mattison on the floor. A tough, rugged and athletic 6-foot-6 power forward, he throws caution to the wind and shows no fear while competing. He's not the most skilled guy around, but he's a terrific mid major prospect who plays like a man.
Karim York of ATX continues to impress this summer. The slender lefty is a true combination forward at 6-foot-7. He runs the floor, has a very good looking jumper and is a danger to blow by other bigs off the dribble. Head coaches for Boise State, Tulsa, Missouri State and UTEP were among the crowd watching him play Thursday.
North Carolina head coach Roy Williams is going big game hunting in the class of 2012. He was front and center watching both Andre Drummond and Dajuan Coleman on Thursday. Sitting opposite of him for Drummond was UConn's Jim Calhoun who was joined by new assistant Kevin Ollie. Georgetown's John Thompson was also on hand for both guys.
Scott Drew and Tom Izzo were among the head coaches on hand to check out the King James Shooting Stars Jakarr Sampson as his team fell to the West Virginia Wildcats. During that game, new Wake Forest coach Jeff Bzdelik was able to see verbal Chase Fischer hit a very crucial three pointer. Speaking of Fischer, he's not going to blow by guys off the dribble but he is among the top shooters in the class of 2011.
YOMCA hit Orlando with quite a few young guys so it's a pretty impressive run for them to still be alive on Friday. Even though they haven't put up huge numbers, two 2013 prospects have stood out for them as potential high majors. 6-foot-6 small forward Nick King from Memphis East blends size, athleticism and skill while 6-foot-4 shooting guard Demetrius Dyson shows signs of being a high level wing scorer.
David Gardner listed Ole Miss, Memphis and UTEP as those hitting him the hardest. Memphis and Ole Miss dispatched assistants to watch him while UTEP's Tim Floyd was there every step of the way.
Demarcus Harrison is a member of the LDS church so BYU has made him a priority and has been up front and center with multiple staff members. He's also considering Wisconsin, Virginia, Clemson, South Florida, Marquette and Oklahoma State. He claims offers from all of those programs.
Former NBA dunk champion Larry Nance was in attendance to watch his son Larry, Jr. play for the Buckeye Ballers. While not the leaper his father was, the 6-foot-7 Nance has a nice feel for the game, good skills and is a potential division one four man.