A Look At Some Top Players At ABCD/West

TEANECK, NEW JERSEY -- We take a look at some of the top players at the ABCD camp held on the campus of FDU. These players compete on the high school level on the West Coast:
#184 Lance Soderberg, 6-9, Centennial High School, Lake Elsinore, California -- Lance is an intriguing prospect. He runs the floor fine and seems to have a good awareness on what he can and can not do. Soderberg also is not afraid to mix it up inside or dig for a loose ball inside.
In the game we saw yesterday, Soderberg dropped in 10 points. They came from outside and inside. He is not afraid to call for the ball and appears to have confidence in his offensive game.
#146 Trevor Ariza, 6-7, Westchester High School, Los Angeles, California -- Trevor is just a rising junior but already college coaches are starting to line up and express interest in his skills. Ariza apppears to have a decent feel offensively when he receives an entry pass.
Trevor is comfortable in catching the basketball in the lane with his back to the basket. He has a nice touch on his shot though most of his points were scored in close. But this is a good aspect of his game. When your strength is down low in the blocks, a recruit should always take advantage of that part of his game.
#125 Nate Carter, 6-6, Horizon Christian High School, San Diego, California -- Nate impressed us with his ability to move without the basketball. He caught several passes en route to the basket. Carter has a nice slashing type of offensive game. He moves quickly to the basketball and doesn't hesitate in taking the basketball to the hoop.