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A Look At Damion Grant

Damion Grant looks like a basketball player. He is big and has muscle in his arms and shoulders. He also plays like a big man for the most part. Grant blocks shots, rebounds, and can defend.
It is the above description on why the North Carolina program offered Grant a scholarship. Grant, in turn, took the offer after taking an official visit there a couple of weekends ago.
There is no doubt that the Tar Heels are expecting a narrow range of positives from Grant -- blocked shots, rebounds, and defending the center of the floor for UNC. But realistically speaking, Grant will not provide much firepower on his own.
Despite Grant still developing his offensive game, what Damion does best will actually lead him to more points. Grant plays on a Brewster team that has a very balanced attack. There are three or four other options that Brewster usually goes to before an entry pass heads into Grant. But this is fine for next year's UNC team.
The reason? Raymond Felton. With Felton running the show from the lead guard slot, he will open up space inside when he penetrates. This will lead to Grant's defender coming off Damion when Felton cracks the paint. The defender will have a choice -- either try and block Felton's arrival to the basket or let Raymond go straight to the hoop.
It is likely that Grant will get his fair share of dunks and putbacks off this expected penetration by Felton next season. So at 7-1, 245-pounds, UNC made the right move in grabbing a player like Grant. Damion will also be a four-year player and how many athletic, 7-1 centers will be around for that long?
Another positive aspect about Grant is his personality. He is a gentleman off and on the court. He is a cheerleader when he sits on the bench. And Grant is the first one to encourage his teammates when he is in the pivot.