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2019 forward Jalen Wilson's stock is rising

Jalen Wilson

After missing some time last summer with a broken foot, top 50 junior Jalen Wilson is back better than ever.

The sturdy 6-foot-7 small forward from Denton (Texas) Guyer has racked up offers from Arizona State, Baylor, Kansas, LSU, Marquette, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Virginia Tech among others and is looking to prove he's back to full strength and has a versatile game.

"My mindset coming into this year is to win every single game and show what I can do," said Wilson. "Last summer there was a lot of hype but then I broke my foot and I managed to come back even stronger. My mindset is just to dominate every time I'm on the floor now.

"I think my size and being able to get the rebound and push full court and make guard plays is my best feature. I need to be a more vocal leader and continue to get better on the defensive game."


During the Fall, Wilson saw the campuses of Oklahoma and Texas A&M. This winter he's planning on taking visits to Kansas and Michigan and is trying to get one set up to Marquette. He broke down those programs.

Kansas: "After we played in the Wichita Falls event coach Jerrance Howard called me and told me that they want to offer me. I'm going up there in January and I want to see the style of play and how they run in person. It's a great basketball school and they have lots of successful forwards in the NBA."

Marquette: "They love me and they really want me to come and be there next big time two/three type player. They always say that things can run through me. It seems like we talk every single day and they love me."

Michigan: "I want to see how the students interact with everybody and how the coaches are. I've never met coach Beilein so I'm excited to meet him and see what he's like and how or if I could fit in going to school there."

Oklahoma: "I'm from Oklahoma so I always love going up there. They try to play off that and really make it feel like it's home for me. I love Oklahoma, they have a great school and they are just good people."

Texas A&M: "It's a good feel down there. I've been down for football games and it's always a good crowd and gives me a look at how the student support is going to be so it should be a good environment. They've compared me to D.J. Hogg and he's a real good wing."


It's no surprise to see Wilson's recruitment taking off. He has terrific size for a wing player and plays a versatile, skill based game. Because of his size and ability to rebound, Wilson could also play some as a faceup four man in college.

He's already a top 50 prospect in the country and is trending upwards.


Though he's taken some visits and is planning more, don't look for Wilson to cut his list anytime in the near future. This one is going to need some time to unfold.

"I won't be narrowing down anything until at least next summer.," said Wilson. We'll probably look to narrow it down to eight and maybe get down to four a little after that.

"I want to go to a place that has some run and gun. Also the relationship with the head coach and knowing he believes in me to make plays is going to be important."