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2010s Harrow is ACC bound

Class of 2010 point guard Ryan Harrow out of Walton High School in Marietta, Georgia is headed to the ACC.
Harrow verbally committed to N.C. State on Monday morning.
"I felt like it was the best fit for me and when I told them that they said they weren't going to look for anymore point guards in my class," Harrow said. "I hope that when I get up there I can make an immediate impact."
So what separated the Wolfpack from the rest of the teams? Harrow said it an easy decision.
"Coach Lowe," Harrow simply said. "It was just that he played at NC State and went to the NBA and coached in the NBA and now he's at the college level. He can teach me to go from one level to the next and hopefully I can be a good enough college player to make it to the pros, too."
Finding a spot to develop a good relationship with a head coach was one of the reasons why he gave a nod to the ACC school.
"I think it's going to be real big," Harrow said of his budding relationship with Lowe. "We've always clicked from the first time I've met him. He said I can come there and chill with him whenever I needed to. He said he is going to make sure I call him and stay in touch with him. We have a good relationship. He said that if I got hurt that he would still honor my scholarship and all of that. I learned a lot about him when he told me that."
Harrow said he also heard from Florida, Auburn and Wake Forest. Harrow said he knew N.C. State was the place for him earlier in the month.
"After I left their elite camp, I felt like they wanted me to be the man to run their show when I got there," Harrow said. "They were saying when coach Lowe wants you, you need to come. So I did."