2009 Jordan Brand All-American Team

Jordan Brand All-Americans | Wall ready to shine in Jordan game
It won't be easy for John Wall, the No. 1 player in the nation, to miss out on the opportunity to play in the McDonald's All American Game. Because he is a fifth-year high school player, Wall isn't eligible for the game. A couple of weeks later in Madison Square Garden, however, Wall will be able to display his freakish skills to the country in the Jordan Brand Classic on Saturday, April 18 at 8 p.m. EST.
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"Playing in the Jordan game means a lot because it is tough that I can't play in the McDonald's game," Wall told "But I still get to play in the Jordan game, and it's going to be fun just like the McDonald's game. And it's at [Madison Square Garden], which is one of the best courts to play basketball. So hopefully I'll be able to show the people in New York what kind of basketball I can play."
One glaring omission from the game is No. 9 Lance Stephenson. A top-10 prospect and New York native was passed up by fellow New Yorkers Lamont Jones (unranked) and Durand Scott (No. 41). Makes one wonder if the rejection has something to do with Stephenson's relationship with Under Armour and his recent surprise visit to marquee Under Armour school Maryland.
Here is a look at the 20 participants in the 2009 Jordan Brand Classic with rank:
2009 Jordan Brand All-American Team
Kennyboynton7 23100
SG Kenny Boynton
HIGH SCHOOL: Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage School
COLLEGE: Florida
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 7 overall, No. 2 SG
Averybradley7 25100
SG Avery Bradley
HIGH SCHOOL: Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 8 overall, No. 3 SG
Dominiccheek6 12100
SG Dominic Cheek
HIGH SCHOOL: Jersey City (N.J.) St. Anthony
COLLEGE: Villanova
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 16 overall, No. 6 SG
Demarcuscousins7 20100
PF DeMarcus Cousins
HIGH SCHOOL: Mobile (Ala.) LeFlore
COLLEGE: undecided
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 2 overall, No. 1 PF
Derrickfavors12 4100
C Derrick Favors
HIGH SCHOOL: Atlanta (Ga.) South Atlanta
COLLEGE: Georgia Tech
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 4 overall, No. 1 C
Abdulgaddy7 25100
PG Abdul Gaddy
HIGH SCHOOL: Tacoma (Wash.) Bellarmine Prep
COLLEGE: Washington
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 13 overall, No. 2 PG
Keithgallon5 23100
C Keith Gallon
HIGH SCHOOL: Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill Academy
COLLEGE: Oklahoma
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 31 overall, No. 5 C
Jordanhamilton7 23100
SF Jordan Hamilton
HIGH SCHOOL: Los Angeles (Calif.) Dominguez
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 5 overall, No. 1 SF
Xavierhenry7 23100
SG Xavier Henry
HIGH SCHOOL: Oklahoma City (Okla.) Putnam City
COLLEGE: Memphis
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 3 overall, No. 1 SG
Johnhenson5 8100
PF John Henson
HIGH SCHOOL: Tampa (Fla.) Sickles
COLLEGE: North Carolina
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 6 overall, No. 2 PF
Lamontjones7 23100
SG Lamont Jones
HIGH SCHOOL: Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill Academy
COLLEGE: Virginia Tech
Wallyjudge6 5100
PF Wally Judge
HIGH SCHOOL: Jacksonville (Fla.) Arlington Country Day
COLLEGE: Kansas State
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 23 overall, No. 9 PF
Tommymasongriffin7 23100
PG Tommy Mason-Griffin
HIGH SCHOOL: Houston (Texas) Madison
COLLEGE: Oklahoma
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 66 overall, No. 11 SG
C Alex Oriakhi
HIGH SCHOOL: Tilton (N.H.) Tilton School
COLLEGE: Connecticut
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 21 overall, No. 2 C
Danielorton7 20100
C Daniel Orton
HIGH SCHOOL: Oklahoma City (Okla.) Bishop McGuinness
COLLEGE: Kentucky
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 22 overall, No. 3 C
Masonplumlee1 23100
PF Mason Plumlee
HIGH SCHOOL: Arden (N.C.) Christ School
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 42 overall, No. 13 PF
Durandscott4 14100
SG Durand Scott
HIGH SCHOOL: New York (N.Y.) Rice
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 41 overall, No. 9 SG
Renardosidney4 24100
PF Renardo Sidney
HIGH SCHOOL: Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax
COLLEGE: undecided
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 10 overall, No. 3 PF
PG John Wall
HIGH SCHOOL: Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God Christian Academy
COLLEGE: undecided
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 1 overall, No. 1 PG
Roycewhite7 23100[1]
SF Royce White
HIGH SCHOOL: Hopkins (Minn.) High
COLLEGE: Minnesota
RIVALS.COM RANK: No. 19 overall, No. 2 SF