2008 Georgia prospect gathering offers

Dequan Jones wants to make it perfectly clear to everyone. He is a sophomore. As in the class of 2008. According to the 6-foot-4 athlete from Stone Mountain (Ga.) High School, the college coaches are having a hard time figuring that out.
"I think a lot of the coaches think I'm a senior or going to be a senior," says the chiseled class of 2008 prospect. "When I tell them I'm just a sophomore, it gets them every time. They never believe me. They say it's just not normal."
What he means is, it isn't normal for players his age to do the things Jones does in games.
Incredibly athletic, Jones is always good for one of those "I can't believe he just did that" kinds of plays. Believe it though. Jones is a good looking prospect. He is making the transition from athlete to basketball player.
One of the key components to his transformation is his jump shot. As his sophomore season progressed, so did his confidence. On the spring AAU circuit, Jones would pepper a couple of threes into his offensive attack but he knows that his jumper will be the big door opener for the high-majors that may question his game.
"That is going to be a major thing," Jones said. "I know I have to get better at that. I can get to the basket pretty easy so the more I put time in with my shot, I know I will get better. I want to be able to create off the dribble and make it hard for people to guard me. I know it all has to be done in order for me to play at the next level. I want to be a complete player."
A number of schools are jumping in the race long before Jones becomes that complete player.
Jones said he picked up offers from Arkansas, Georgia and Virginia Commonwealth while Florida is getting closer, he said. Alabama, Georgia Tech, Marshall, UCLA and Washington all put Jones on the daily mailing list.
Jones has been to Georgia and Georgia Tech during the season for games.
Recruiting is on his mind, Jones says, but picking a school isn't. At least not right now. But at least people know what grade he is in now.