2008 Beasley only Talking Two

Perhaps the best prospect in the class of 2008 Michael Beasley from the IMB Academy in Bradenton, Fla., teamed up with one of 2007’s best Nolan Smith on the DC Assault at the 16-under AAU Nationals in Houston. Beasley a 6-foot-8, 220-pound small forward has already narrowed his list to two schools.
“Syracuse and Charlotte, I like those two schools,” said Beasley. “I like the coaching staff and the atmosphere at both schools. And both schools made it to the tournament.”
So at such an early stage in his career, has Beasley shut the door on any other schools?
“I am set on those two schools,” he said. “Other schools can scout me and recruit me if they want, but more than likely I will go with either Syracuse or Charlotte.”
Beasley is surprisingly mobile for a young player his size. Not only is he athletic, but the left hander can take people off the dribble, pass the ball well, and shoot the three. He is already a legit small forward who is on his way to being a polished small forward.
“I want to be a small forward, and there are some things I am working on to get better at that position,” he said. “I am working hard on my ball handling and free throw shooting. When I am hot, I shoot the three pretty good. When I’m not, I take it to the rack.”
According to Beasley, IMG Academy is an ideal place for him to hone these skills.
“I love it,” said Beasley about IMG Academy, which he began attending last year. “I train every day there. If you don’t get better, then you are doing something wrong.”