2006 Summers on the Rise

Look out for 2006 prospect DaJuan Summers from McDonogh High School in Baltimore, Md. At 6-foot-8, 225-pounds, Summers is a very skilled small forward who can handle, pass, and shoot. He is hearing from a couple nearby high majors, and many more will soon begin the pursuit of this very talented player.
“I am getting mail from a lot of schools, but the ones that stick out are Georgetown, Maryland, and LaSalle,” said Summers.
Summers, who plays for Cecil Kirk’s 16-under team and 17-under team, is partial to Georgetown and Maryland.
“I like that Maryland is close to home, and I like Coach Williams’ coaching style,” he said. “I think he would let me play on the perimeter, and I could fit into their style.
“I haven’t watched Georgetown much, but a lot of players that I like, like Iverson, are from there.”
On his high school team Summers has to play around the basket, but for Cecil Kirk he plays small forward. He feels he is most dangerous facing the basket.
“More than likely I will play the three in college,” he said. “That is what I play best. I can use my dribble, make passes, and take shots, but I have no problem going down low.”
Summers did mention two schools that he would love to hear from.
“I’d like to hear from Connecticut,” he said. “They won it all last year. It is a good school, and I’m cool with Rudy Gay.
“Duke would be another. Everyone wants to hear from Duke. It makes you feel special to be contacted by them.”
Summers has a 2.6 GPA but plans to raise it.
“That’s average. I want to bring it up to at least a 3.0.”