2005 PG Prospect Holds Off Decision

As he zips up and down the court directing teammates to spots on the floor, Greg Paulus, a 6-foot-2 and 180-pound point guard from Christian Brothers Academy in Manlius, New York, gives you the impression he has a future someday as a head coach. Paulus is maybe the best passer (Sebastian Telfair has to receive high marks here too) on the high school level. He is certainly the best passer in the 2005 class.
Paulus seems to get more fun out of making a brilliant pass as opposed to scoring on a three-pointer. The way he runs the transitional break is a treat to watch too. It's obvious the other four guys on the court love to play with him since Paulus can set them up for easy baskets.
These are all terrific aspects to have in an individual game. And it's why so many division one coaches have fallen in love with his skills. Yes, he isn't flashy like a Telfair. But he is as effective a point guard around.
Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, Xavier, and Notre Dame remain high on Paulus list. "They all have an equal chance right now," Paulus said. "I don't have a leader."
When asked when he might make a decision, Paulus replied: "Maybe at the end of the summer. I want to focus on my play. I want to play well first at the NIKE camp."
The NIKE camp starts July 7th and runs through the 11th in Indianapolis, Indiana. Paulus will then play at the Three Stripes tournament in Neptune, New Jersey and the Big Time event in Las Vegas, Nevada. "I am not sure about the Best of the Summer (Los Angeles)," Paulus said. "I might play there but I am not sure yet."
Paulus did say if he feels comfortable with one particular school at the end of the summer, he might make a decision. "Right now I don't have that feeling and I really want to make sure I focus and play well this summer," he said.
When asked what will help him decide between the five high-division one programs, Paulus stated: "It's going to be a balance of academics and basketball. They are all great programs and all have great academic schools. So it will be a tough decision."
Paulus has visited all five schools. "I call them every week to find out how everything is going," said Paulus. "I know really as much as I can about the programs but I talk to them to stay in touch. I have been getting a lot of letters from them now."
Since Paulus is a 2005 recruit, he has to make the phone calls to the programs. NCAA rules don't allow for programs to make the calls. Could the next phone call he makes to a program be a verbal commitment? "I don't know," Paulus said. "It's too early to think about that. Maybe at the end of the summer. But I am not even sure about that."