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2003 Target: Louie McCroskey

Louie McCroskey, a 6-4, 180-pound swingman from St. Raymond's High School in the Bronx, New York, was instrumental in The Mustangs 63-60 win over Connect Talent at the IS8 League this week.
McCroskey chipped in 12 points on slashing forays to the hoop, pull-ups, and transition buckets. Louie is terrific off the dribble, possessing the body control and elusiveness to convert in traffic. He's got a quick first step as well. McCroskey has demonstrated that he can knock down the mid and long range jumper with consistency when we've seen him, which adds to his offensive repertoire.
McCroskey is an intelligent player who makes good decisions. He, along with St. Ray's teammate Tariq Atkins, give Gary DeCesare a pair of all-purpose wings who can attack the glass, hit from deep, or put it on the floor and score.
McCroskey, with a lithe frame, will need to beef up a bit. But with his intuitive know-how and court savvy, it will be interesting to see who gets involved with him.
McCroskey has fielded interest early on from St. Joseph's, UConn, and Notre Dame. He's a little hard to categorize, because he's a bit undersized for the three slot, but not quite a two. Either way, McCroskey is one of those guys who just gets it done.
Louie averaged 15 points and six rebounds for the Ravens this past season. He will be playing with the New York Ravens AAU program this summer and will attend next weekend's Connecticut Select Tournament in New Haven. In addition, McCroskey will be at the Vegas Big Time Tournament, and there is a possibility he could attend the ABCD camp.
McCroskey told us that he just bumped his scholastic average up to a B, and will take the SAT for the first time on May 4th. He has been taking an SAT course in anticipation of the test.