2003 Target: Konimba Diarra

We have mentioned the great amount of young talent at Our Savior American in Centereach, New York. Another player to keep an eye on how he progresses is Konimba Diarra.
Konimba is a junior big man from Our Savior American. He is raw. But it's hard to dispute his size and strength at 6-9 and 220. He is athletic but unpolished.
Our previous look at Diarra was last Saturday against Life Center of Burlington, New Jersey. Diarra didn't score a basket but didn't play a lot because of some early foul trouble.
But it is likely many college coaches are going to take a serious look at Diarra not because of where he is now in his game but where he can be in two years. Make no mistake about it, Diarra is just learning how to play the game of basketball. But you can't teach size and Diarra has at least the physical skills to play this game on a high level.
Diarra is at this stage of his game -- he will either drop in 15 or 20 or throw up a donut. Diarra is wide open in his recruiting process and does not have a leader. But this is probably because many schools are just getting their first look at him.