2003 Target: Gary Forbes

Wing prospect Gary Forbes, 6-5 and 190-pounds from Benjamin Bannker Academy in Brooklyn, was instrumental in Riverside Church's title run in the CYP Tournament
this weekend, pouring in 31 points in an opening round win over the Hoop Street Gang and chipping in 11 in the Hawks' 95-76 win over the New Jersey Roadrunners in the championship game.
Forbes is long and athletic with a silky shooting stroke. He effectively attacks the glass from the wing, equipped with a considerable wingspan and good leaping ability. Gary's greatest asset is his shooting ability, but his ability to attack the glass is an underrated aspect of his game.
Despite playing for a prominent AAU program in Riverside and possessing Big East caliber skills, Forbes has been a bit of an unknown commodity until lately. Gradually, word is beginning to trickle out, however. Providence assistant Steve DeMeo was on hand
to evaluate Forbes in Banneker's PSAL playoff match-up with Park West, while Georgia Tech, Princeton, UMass, Drexel, and Boston University have all inquired.
Forbes was one of the top scorers in the PSAL this season, piling up points at a 25 a game clip. Still, he garnered little recognition, as most coaches gravitate toward the higher profile programs in the
public league, the Lincolns, Robesons, and Gradys.
Forbes is a strong student, carrying a B average. He has scored 1000 on the SAT. Gary is a great kid who has some quality mentors at Banneker in head coach Wendell Saunders and the rest of the coaching staff.
We expect a slew of major conference programs to hop on board for Forbes, one of the top rising shooting guard prospects in the junior class.