2003 Target: Brian Randle

Brian Randle, a 6-8, 192-pound combo forward from Notre Dame High School in Peoria, Illinois, is widely considered by many a top 50 player. Randle, who got off to a slow start this past season due to a high ankle sprain, finished the year averaging 17 points and 10 rebounds.
"Our team finished 12-12," Randle said. "We just got off to a slow start. We played better at the end of the year."
But schools have not been discouraged by this event. Illinois and Michigan have already come in for in school visits. Notre Dame is expected to take the trip to Randle's school next week to talk with Brian. "I am open," Randle said. "Right now I am reading the mail and listening to what the coaches have to say."
Duke, North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Florida, Louisville, Kansas, and Michigan State are other schools that Randle says he is interested in. "I don't have a leader right now because I am just getting to know the coaches and schools," Randle said. "I will focus more on a list in the summer."
Randle, who possesses a 4.0 GPA, will take the test for the first time in June. "I want to go to a school with a good balance of academics and athletics," he stated. "Both are very important to me in what I will decide."