2 Visits Left For Deng

In a recruiting race that has many twists, can tell you something that is certain -- Luol Deng will visit Indiana this weekend. "I have Luol next to me right now," said Blair Academy head coach Joe Mantegna. "He is going to visit Indiana next week. He is scheduled to visit Duke the following weekend. After that, I don't know when he might make a decision." asked Mantegna if there are other visits planned. "I am not sure," Mantegna said.
What about Fairfield? "I am not sure that will take place," Mantegna replied.
Deng, who has already visited Virginia and Missouri, is's second ranked player in the 2003 class. Mantegna plans on using Deng, during certain times in game situations, at the point guard slot. Mantegna's confidence in Deng's ability to handle such a responsible role is why many other coaches would love to have Luol on their team. Deng can fill in at all five positions. He is big, agile, skilled and strong enough to move from position to position and be a very effective player.
"We will probably have a press conference when Luol makes his decision," Mantegna said. "Luol is still interested in the schools he has visited too. He enjoyed his visits to both Virginia and Missouri."