2 At Top For Talented Forward

Bobby Perry, a 6-7, 215-pound forward from Hillsdale High School in Durham, North Carolina, told us he could make a decision on his next trip. "It's possible," Perry said of his trip to Kentucky in mid-May. "Anything is possible. I have to see how I like it. I have to see how well I get along with the coaches and players."
Perry also said he is interested in Stanford. "I have exams the weekend they want me to come," Perry said. "So I can't really make it that weekend. I am going to wait and see if we can find another weekend to visit."
Perry said these are the only two schools he is considering. "Both programs are very attractive," Perry said. "I have to see where I fit in. It's not really important to me to be offered a lot of playing time right away. I can wait a year if necessary. I will just work as hard as I can to earn playing time. I want to earn my time."
Perry, who averaged 23 points and 11 rebounds per game last season as a junior. He is supposed to take his visit to Kentucky next weekend. Wake Forest, South Carolina, and Connecticut are no longer being listed high on his list.
"I want to work on my ballhanding and strength this summer," Perry said. "I have been lifting weights everyday. I want to make sure I am as strong as I can be before I play in college."