August 6, 2009

Larson bonds with fellow 2010 commits

Cody Larson turned more than a few heads in the July evaluation period, especially out in Las Vegas. The 2010 Iowa commit made his way to Iowa City this week for the Iowa Elite Camp and had the opportunity to spend a little time with his future teammates and fellow 2010 commits. He talks about getting to know the guys who will be coming in with him, what he learned about the Iowa offense, and much more.

Q: What did you think of camp?

LARSON: I thought it was fun to just go down and see the guys that will be coming in with me and the guys that are already there. I got a closer look at how they run the Iowa program.

Q: You had met Zach McCabe before, but you hadn't met Ben Brust and Roy Marble Jr. What did you think of those guys?

LARSON: I really like Ben, but I didn't get to see him play very much. Roy was a lot of fun and hilarious. He and I are going to have a lot of fun there together.

Q: You and Roy roomed together while you were in Iowa City. You guys come from two real different worlds, but it seems like a real friendship clicked.

LARSON: Yeah, we really have a lot in common. Obviously we both want to go to the same school. But, we are both basketball junkies. Plus, he is really funny. We joked around about a lot of stuff and we like the same TV shows too.

Q: What did you take away from the camp and what did the coaches talk to you about with their system?

LARSON: It's different because we don't run any on ball screens with my high school or AAU team. They do a lot of that, so it is going to be an adjustment in that area. I'll have to work on pick and pop and shooting the outside jumper. The coaches talked to me about getting out on the floor and how they want to use my skill set.

Q: With what you learned and now understand about the way they use ball screens, do you go back home and start working on that in the gym?

LARSON: Yeah, I am planning on that.

Q: Talk about your July AAU events. You got out to Vegas and really played well, individually.

LARSON: We were in the group with the top eight teams in Vegas, so the competition was tough. A bunch of guys from South Dakota playing against those guys was challenging and we finished up 1-4. We gave every team a run and there weren't any blowout losses. I thought we played pretty well, but not well enough. I thought that I played pretty well in July.

Q: One recruiting service already has you up near the Top 50 in your class. What do you think about rising up the rankings?

LARSON: It feels good, but to me it isn't a big deal. No matter where I am ranked, I am still going to Iowa.

Q: Do you get more comfortable every time you visit Iowa City?

LARSON: Yeah I do. Just being around the coaches and the players makes me feel more comfortable and confident.

Q: You were in the pickup game during the dinner break on Wednesday with some of the current and former Iowa players. What was that like?

LARSON: That was a lot of fun because some of those guys will be my future teammates and I got to see how I could fit in and what I need to work on for the future.

Q: What's next for you? Are you getting back in the gym or are you taking some time off to heal up your ankle?

LARSON: I will probably starting lifting and do a little shooting and get healed up. Then I will probably starting going at it harder again and get ready for the season.

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