January 12, 2009

Skov helping to build a 'foundation'

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, the Stanford Cardinal finally hosted the "Big Visit Weekend". With nearly all of the commits on campus, as well as a high number of uncommitted prospects visiting Palo Alto, this could easily be classified as the most important weekend of the recruiting season.

The one player who has waited the longest for this weekend is Shayne Skov. The 35th ranked player in the nation committed to Stanford back in September of 2007, but had to wait until last weekend to take his official visit. Despite the long wait, the visit was an unbelievable experience for Shayne.

Before he took his visit, Shayne participated in the Army All-American game. With his true leadership on display, Skov was named a captain for the East team. It was clearly an experience Shayne will never forget.

"For me, being in the game was a tremendous opportunity," Skov said. "More importantly then the personal accolades, I thought it was awesome to represent the armed forces, which is why I chose this game over the Under Armour game. I got to meet some of the soldiers, and it was a moment that I will never forget."

It seems that Shayne already has embraced the Stanford vs. Cal rivalry at the highest level.

"Of course I did some recruiting," Skov said. "Michael Philipp was on the West team with two guys going to Cal, so I had to keep in his ear so he wouldn't get to Bear-friendly."

One week after the game, Shayne headed to Palo Alto for the official visit. While the recruits and families were treated to some fine dining, as well as tremendous tours of the campus, there were a few experiences that really stood out for Skov.

"Playing laser tag and whooping the coaches bottoms was awesome," Skov sais. "The banquet we had was a well-put together event. The first night (Thursday) before the visit started was a lot of fun. We were all bored sitting at the hotel, so we went for a walk and joked around and got to know each other."

Along with Terrence Stephens, Shayne has served as an unofficial recruiter for the class, and this weekend was no different.

"I tried to get to know a lot of the uncommitted guys," Skov said. "I got to talk a lot with Michael Philipp, Justin Bright, and Luke Kuechly."

The visit also served as a great opportunity to get to know many of the current members of the team.

"I was already close to Alex Fletcher, but unfortunately he was in New York. My host was Erik Lorig, so I spent a lot of time with him, Chike Amajoyi and Marcus Turner."

One of the big topics for Stanford fans recently has been the status of Coach Harbaugh. He took the time to address the NFL rumors to the recruits during the visit.

"He told us that he was really close to signing an extension," Skov recounted. "He said that Stanford was the place for him, and he wants to break the record for the most wins by a Stanford football coach. Overall, I think it is very safe to say that he will be at Stanford for awhile."

After finally getting the whole class together for the weekend, Shayne feels that this group is ready to do something special at Stanford.

"This class is the foundation and the cornerstone in the change for Stanford football. Not only are we talented, but we represent Coach Harbaugh's 'Enthusiasm Unknown To Mankind'. There is a great feeling and character that this class upholds."

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