December 22, 2008

Christmas Has Exemplary Support System

December 23, 2008 - Much has been made about high school aged basketball phenoms navigating college recruitment, receiving scant competent advice, and/or being the tools for another's benefit; time and time again, these players are not provided the necessary guidance and support structure to make the best decision for their futures. In this vacuum, coaches that are unscrupulous can operate with virtual impunity, misleading and exploiting young players in the process. An ugly cycle of the uninformed being manipulated by certain youth/high school and college coaches that double as con men abounds.

When you are 6'9" and 230 or so pounds, possess long limbs, learn quickly, will not enter college until 2011 and are relatively inexperienced regarding the machinations of recruiting, those coaches at all ranks that are sharks can be sent into a feeding frenzy, as if the water has been chummed. Luckily for Rakeem Christmas, he's surrounded by what amounts as shark repellent.

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