September 29, 2008

Getting to know Cody Larson

There were 13 people who made the long drive from Sioux Falls, SD to Iowa City early on Saturday morning with the latest member of Iowa's 2010 Basketball recruiting class, Cody Larson. Most of them were family members, but one of the folks making the drive was his AAU Coach from the Dakota Schoolers, Paul Seville, who has been a part of their program for many years. We spent a few minutes with him to get his views on the long term potential of Larson.

Q: Tell me about Cody as a basketball player?

SEVILLE: He is very versatile and athletic. He is a skilled big man who can really play just about any position on the floor if you need him to. We used him at the five most of the summer, but he could really develop into a four or a three at the college level. He has good skills on the outside, but probably his most valuable skill is his ability to pass the basketball. He is a very unselfish kid who is a team player and he is a competitive kid who wants to be good.

Q: You have seen a little bit of Iowa and how they play. How does he fit into their system?

SEVILLE: He will fit in very well. He can run in the transition or settle in to the half court offense. I think the way that they run things here and the team oriented approach and with a family type atmosphere, it will be a great fit for him as a person.

Q: After his first visit, he seemed content to take a few more visits, but here he is making his commitment. Obviously something really clicked for him with Iowa.

SEVILLE: I think the Iowa coaches did a great job of showing a high level of interest in him. They had three coaches following him all summer, especially down in Kansas City at the AAU event there towards the end of the summer. They had three coaches at every one of our games and then they made two trips into Sioux Falls in the last couple of weeks. I think that last week Cody came to the conclusion after talking to the coaches, talking to his family and his high school coach that he was very comfortable with Iowa and it was everything he was looking for in a school in terms of being fairly close to home, style of play, and the opportunity to play in the Big Ten.

Q: You had Joe Krabbenhoft in your program. Does he compare to Cody at all?

SEVILLE: It is probably unfair to compare them to each other because they are different type of players. Joe is a blue collar skilled athlete. Cody is a little more of a finesse type player and probably needs to improve his toughness, but he would probably tell you that too.

Q: You also had Mike Miller in your program. Does he compare to him at all?

SEVILLE: That is probably a better comparison. He is a highly skilled kid like Mike was at this stage. People might look at Mike Miller now in the NBA, but my comparison is to Mike Miller when he was 16 years old. If you are talking about that, they are comparable, but the Mike Miller in the NBA is pretty far off at this point, so you have to put it in context.

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