April 16, 2008

A dream come true for Bawinkel and family

Sometimes, life has a way of working out the way you hoped. Nearly 30 years ago, Devin Bawinkel's parents were sitting in the stands at the Fieldhouse cheering on the Hawkeyes as students at the University of Iowa. This fall, they will be in Carver-Hawkeye Arena watching their son play for the Hawkeyes. Bawinkel talks about signing day and the much more in this update.

Q: Who is more excited about you signing with Iowa on Wednesday, you or your parents?

BAWINKEL: (laugh) Probably me. But, my folks are pretty excited about me going to the same school that they graduated from.

Q: You were at Iowa's Elite Camp back between your junior and senior season and they seemed interested in you. What happened after that?

BAWINKEL: I kind of went another direction. I really didn't feel comfortable with the coaching staff that was there, so I went to look at different schools and I kind of lost interest in them. I really didn't talk to them much after the camp.

Q: What sold you on Coach Lickliter?

BAWINKEL: Two of my AAU teammates played for him at Butler and one of my teammates at West Virginia played for him at Butler and all them had great things to say about him. They said he was a great guy, a great coach, and a great teacher of the game. They really sold me and he is a winner and will do what he did at Butler at Iowa.

Q: It seems like your skill set really fits his style of offense with ball screens, multiple ball handlers, and shooting. Is that what you see as well?

BAWINKEL: Yeah, I really do. I feel like I can put in on the floor and move with the ball, come off screens, and do the things I have seen and heard about his offense.

Q: Did you get to see Iowa play at all this past year?

BAWINKEL: Not really. I did get to see them play once or twice and then I watched Butler a few times the year before.

Q: What is the plan for signing tomorrow?

BAWINKEL: I am going to sign the letter of intent in my coaches office at Highland. Nothing too exciting. (laugh)

Q: When do you plan to get to Iowa City?

BAWINKEL: I am actually taking my official visit the first weekend in May and then I will start summer school in early June at Iowa.

Q: So you plan on playing in the Prime Time League during the summer?

BAWINKEL: Yes. I'll be playing, going to school, and doing all of the summer workouts with the team.

Q: What are the areas that you want to work on to improve this summer?

BAWINKEL: I really want to work on everything. The first thing I want to do is meet my teammates and get to know all of the players and coaches better. Then I need to learn the offensive and defensive system, get stronger, increase my range on my jump shot, improve my ball skills, just about everything.

Q: What is it going to feel like next fall for your folks the first time they see you come out wearing an Iowa uniform?

BAWINKEL: It will be at great feeling for them. They were at Iowa watching games when Lute Olsen was the coach, so it is going to be exciting. I am really excited to be putting on the Iowa uniform this fall.

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