March 3, 2008

Wilson sets announcement date

March 8, 2009.

A date that will forever be in the heart of 2009 star Jamil Wilson. A day the rest of the nation will learn where the 6-foot-7, 211-pound forward will play his college basketball.

"I know I'm going to decide on March 8, 2009," Wilson told Monday night. "I decided on that date because it's my mother's birthday. I know my mom would be proud and since she's not here to make the decision with me, I decided to do it on her birthday."

Wilson lost his mother after a battle with cancer last March but has been able to establish himself as one of the top junior prospects in the country. The Racine Horlick star and his teammates recently fell one game shy of reaching the state tournament in Madison after a 72-68 sectional final loss to Brookfield Central Saturday,

"It hasn't quite settled in yet, it's slowing sinking in just a little," Wilson said. "It hurts when you lose a game you shouldn't have lost. We made some mistakes that we shouldn't have in the beginning of the game. But, I guess I'm doing alright, though."

In the loss, only Horlick's fourth of the season, the four-star prospect scored 37 points and single-handedly kept the Rebels within striking distance.

"I wasn't necessary feeling it," Wilson said. "My team just needed me to score more than usual, so I took it upon myself to score some more buckets when we needed it."

On the recruiting front, things haven't changed much for the 33rd ranked player in his class.

"Everything is pretty much the same. I have a lot mail coming in as usual," he said. "I'm expecting a lot more since the season is officially over. But, it's pretty much the same as of now.

"I'm just looking for a good coach. Good coaching is something that is important to me. Academics will obviously be a big part of it and just great people all the way around."

On Feb. 16, Wilson made an unofficial visit to Madison to check out the Badgers first hand against border rival Minnesota.

"Wisconsin is still recruiting me pretty hard," said Wilson, who boasts offer from Wisconsin, Marquette, Baylor, Iowa State, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue and Tennessee. "My friend and I went up to Madison for the Minnesota game a few weeks ago. It was nice, I had a lot of fun getting a chance to watch the guys play. It's always nice to be around my coach and my friend, so yeah, it was fun.

"I stuck around after the game a little bit to speak with the coaches. The weather was supposed to get really bad that night, so we took off pretty early. We had to get back home before the weather came."

With the date now set, fans and college coaches alike will have more than a full year to wait on one of the more anticipated decisions in the history of Wisconsin prep basketball.

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