August 31, 2007

Todd Wright: 'You can't take anything for granted'

In the first part of our interview with Texas basketball strength and conditioning coach Todd Wright, Wright touched on the program's returning players, the leadership in next year's team and the return for summer workouts by players from the recent past. In part two, Wright talks about the freshmen, what he looks for in an athlete on the basketball court, the workout schedule headed into the season and the expectations of the program.

How did the freshmen handle the summer workouts?

The young guys that came in, Clint Chapman, I really felt for a freshman that he had one of the best freshman summers I have ever had. He has great feet. Really good footwork and he's going to be a great player. Alexis (Wangmene) had a couple of little nicks that really got ironed out and that will allow us to do some different things in the pre-season workouts. Obviously, I can't talk about Gary Johnson.

Will Dogus Balbay have more of a work load since he missed the summer?

He'll have to go back and go through some of the stuff the guys went through this summer to make sure we have his foundation laid pretty well. He's a really good athlete, so we thought he'd be alright if he didn't have the summer with us and that we will still be able to get him ready for the season. Anytime you get a chance to compete at the level he did, I don't think you can take that experience away.

What will the workout schedule be for the players leading up to the beginning of practice?

We'll be lifting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We'll be doing movement workouts Tuesday and Fridays. We get up early on Friday morning as a team. All of the movements done on the defensive end of the floor will be worked on. On Monday and Wednesday the guys will be working on broken down individual work depending on what their body needs. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are short, real intense individual work with the coaches. Before that, we'll do resistance lateral slides.

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