September 5, 2011

Meyer feels at home

Kyle Meyer already felt good about the University of Iowa before he made his official visit this past weekend. Now, Iowa feels like home after spending an extended period of time with the Hawkeye players and coaches. The 2012 Iowa Basketball commit talks about his visit this weekend, his interaction with the players, and fans recognizing him at Fry Fest.

Q: What did you think of your visit and did you feel at home?

MEYER: I did feel right at home. I got along great with the players and the coaches. I got to know everyone individually and I really felt like I was part of the Iowa family. The coaches said they were really anxious for me to get here and the players were excited to see me play.

Q: How important was it for you to spend some time with the players and who did you get to spend some time with?

MEYER: It was really important for me to get to know the players better, so I can know the guys that I will be playing with next year. My host was Eric May and he showed me around town and talked to me about what it was like in the program. I did get to spend time with everyone, but I probably spent most of my time with Eric, Gabe, and Aaron White.

Q: You spent time with the coaches. What was their message to you as far as their plans for you next fall?

MEYER: They just want me to come and do what I can. They didn't set any expectations for me. They really just want me to come in, get comfortable, and do what I do. They didn't put any pressure on me or put things in my head as far as what they expect.

Q: Does a visit like this provide you with motivation for the next year?

MEYER: I watched the team scrimmage twice and then I watched them play shirts and skins on Saturday morning. After watching them, it was motivating to me. I learned what those guys could do and it also showed me that there are a lot of things that I need to work on.

Q: Since your last visit they have opened the doors to the new practice facility. What did you think of it?

MEYER: It is really nice. I could spend all day there and I think they expect me to be in there a lot. I really like the idea that I can go in there any time I want and I'm planning on being there as much as possible.

Q: Are you a gym rat?

MEYER: Yeah, I have always been that way. The last four summers once I got done with school, I am in the gym all the time working on my game. I go to the Lifetime Fitness gym here. They have a basketball court and a weight room there and I spend about 14 hours each day there when I am at home. When people want to find me, they know I will be there.

Q: You got to experience the Iowa Football environment on Saturday. It rained, but what did you think of it?

MEYER: It was really nice. The football game was a lot of fun and the flash flood wasn't all that bad. (laugh) The Iowa crowd was great. Even though it was raining hard, most of the crowd still stayed to cheer on and support the team. It is amazing how dedicated the Iowa fans are. I hear from people down here who ask me why I want to go to Iowa because it's all cornfields and I tell them they have to go to see it.

Q: Did you get recognized by Iowa fans this weekend and what did they say to you?

MEYER: A few people recognized me when I was walking around. We went to Fry Fest with some of basketball players on Friday where they were signing autographs and that was fun. I was sitting behind the guys on the team and a few fans came up to me and said, is your last name Meyer? Are you from Atlanta? I told them yeah that's me and they asked me to sign autographs. It was pretty neat.

Q: Are you planning on making any more trips to Iowa this year?

MEYER: I am going to try to. I can't make any promises, but the flight from Atlanta to Cedar Rapids sure makes things easier.

Q: Are you going to visit any other schools?

MEYER: No. No way. I am completely solid with Iowa.

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