August 4, 2011

Meyer talks summer hoops

Since committing to the Hawkeyes earlier this year, 2012 basketball prospect Kyle Meyer has gotten back to work and improved his game. After a strong April on the AAU circuit with the Atlanta Celtics, Meyer just wrapped up a busy month of July against some of the top players in the country. The future Hawkeye talks about how July AAU hoops went for him, his contact with the Iowa coaches, and much more.

Q: How did the July AAU season go for you?

MEYER: I thought it went real well. I had a lot of fun with my team and felt like I contributed to the team. It didn't quite finish up the way we had hoped and we didn't win as many tournaments, but I thought I got better as a player.

Q: What individual improvements did you make? What have you been working on individually?

MEYER: I worked a lot on defensive positioning and defensive sliding. I had some problems with lateral quickness and I worked hard on that this summer and added it to my game. I had a few games where I had to guard some really good players like Shabazz Muhammad (#1 player in the Class of 2012 according to and Kyle Anderson (#4 player in the Class of 2012 according to It was interesting going up against them because a few months ago I would have had problems guarding them, but I was able to stay in front of them and help my team.

Q: Do you remember the big dunk that got some talk on our message boards? The one up in Minnesota.

MEYER: I don't really remember the one up in Minnesota. I know I had one against Indiana Elite in Indianapolis. Can't think of one in Minnesota.

Q: How much does it help you to prepare for the next level when you go head to head against guys like Muhammad and Anderson?

MEYER: It helps me a lot. You don't quite get the same level of competition all the time in high school, but when you go against guys like those two and Isaiah Austin and Andre Drummond ('s #2 and #3 players in the Class of 2012), it prepares you for the next level. You know in the Big Ten that you are going to be going up against guys like that every night. Being able to play that type of competition can only make you better. A couple of days ago after I got back in town, we had a little scrimmage with some local guys and having played against those guys this summer really made a difference in my game.

Q: What have you heard from the Iowa coaches and did you see them in stands a lot during July?

MEYER: Yeah, I saw them a lot in the stands for quite a few of my games. I saw Coach Francis at a lot of my games. I saw Coach Fran at a few of my games and Coach Dillard was out in Vegas. I was really happy to see them in the stands supporting me.

Q: What have they been telling you?

MEYER: We always have good conversations. They always share with me ways that I could improve my game and what I could do better.

Q: You are planning your official for this fall?

MEYER: Yeah, I am planning it for sometime in September. I just need to get in touch with them and figure out a weekend that works. I want to come out there again for a football game and to get out there and meet some of the guys again.

Q: Have you been recruiting for Iowa at all?

MEYER: I always tell guys to come to Iowa and play with me. (laugh) I talk to a few guys, but no one has really specifically expressed an interest yet.

Q: As a player, was it easier this summer to have the commitment done and just go out and play without the pressure of trying to impress coaches?

MEYER: It was a lot easier and a lot less pressure. You can just go out and play your game. You still know the coaches are there, but you don't feel like you have to impress them to pick up an offer.

Q: Have any other schools tried to get involved with you since your commitment?

MEYER: I've had a few schools talk to me or send me e-mails saying they were interested. I was pretty straight forward with them saying, I appreciate your interest, but I am a solid verbal to Iowa.

Q: On the basketball front, what are you doing for now until the start of your high school season?

MEYER: I have been in the gym every day. Just got done with a workout in the morning for 2 hours. I've been doing a lot of lower body exercises. I think my upper body needs a rest and I have a bit of sore shoulder. Then I'm getting in the gym and working on my overall skills.

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