December 29, 2008

Evans benefitting from redshirt

MADISON, Wis. - Of the five freshman on the Wisconsin men's basketball team, only one has officially decided to use his redshirt option this season. As a late bloomer, Ryan Evans will look to fill into his body and improve his game this year so he can make an impact on next season's roster.

At the conclusion Sunday afternoon's practice, caught up with the Arizona native. The following is a question and answer with Evans:

How has the season been going for you so far?

Evans: Its going great, I'm learning a lot of things. I'm learning what works and what doesn't. So this is great. I think this will definitely benefit me, this redshirt decision.

Was there any question with that coming into the season, or was it something you really had to look into when making the decision?

Evans: It wasn't planned on. You always want to play, but you can see where it can benefit you. I think it's going to definitely benefit me so I went along with it.

I know it's got to be tough going from high school where you play a lot to redshirting in college and not playing, but do you look at past players that used the redshirt and see how it benefited them?

Evans: Yeah, definitely. I mean I've got cousins that have redshirted and it definitely benefited them and former players it has benefited. But once again, you always want to play but it's going to benefit me like it has the others.

You hit on it earlier, but what have you been able to learn so far this season through practicing everyday with these guys and watching them on game day?

Evans: Defensively, Wisconsin has got one of the best defenses in the nation so going against our defense everyday is making me better. Learning how to play defense is making me better. It's just you got five years to play four so it's going to help me out.

Has the speed of the game been tough to adjust to at all?

Evans: Yeah, it's something you've got to adjust to. You got to adjust to it, you know, just settle in. You just got to calm down and play your game.

How would you characterize your game?

Evans: Take what's given to me. Take the three if it's there, drive if it's there. I try not to make too many boneheaded decisions.

Would you call yourself a slasher, spot of shooter, perimeter player?

Evans: I'm more mid-range now, three-point or set shot but that can all change. We're working on that everyday.

Is that something that has been added to your game, the mid-range? Did you not necessarily have that as well as you'd of liked in high school?

Evans: Well, I had the three-point shot in high school, it was open to me. But, yeah, it's more whatever works, whatever works.

Moving into the conference schedule, I know you won't be playing, but how exciting is it to play some of these teams in some of these environments?

Evans: Real exciting. I mean, you get to see what you're really going to go up against. In the preseason you don't really get to see what you're going to go up against every year. In Big 10, you know what you're going up against. So it's fun, fun for me getting to play scout team and just go hard every practice.

To end, how was your holiday break? Did you go home?

Evans: Yeah, I got to go home for a couple of days. It was great.

That Arizona weather must have been nice.

Evans: Yeah, it was a little chilly but it was nice. It was nicer than here at least.

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